No doubt you’ve seen a dozen movies with some homage to the infamous Las Vegas Wedding. If so, then you’ve seen Las Vegas weddings in a full variety of ways with a Las Vegas wedding chapel, Elvis, alcohol, and a couple that barely knows each other. There may also have been a tiger, a mysterious baby, and a strange facial tattoo!

Las Vegas Wedding, Does it Live up to the Cliche?

But how accurate is Hollywoods’ depiction of the typical Las Vegas wedding or the typical Las Vegas wedding chapel? Do people really meet and immediately get married in Las Vegas? How many people are drunk when they do? And what is a real Las Vegas wedding ceremony like? Is it wild with an oversized Elvis groping the bride?

Well, this may surprise you! Some of the depictions are true, and some are false! First, Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world because it is the easiest city to get married in. The courthouse is open 365 days per year from 8 am to midnight – no exceptions!

What is a Las Vegas Wedding Really Like - Lucky Little Chapel

Las Vegas Weddings Are Convenient

Your Las Vegas wedding license is only $65. You don’t need a blood test or any stringent forms of ID, like a birth certificate. You simply need a photo ID. The process takes less than 15 minutes unless you waited until Valentine’s Day to get your Las Vegas marriage license!

Now here is the truth of the matter: yes, some people meet and are married with little to no true prep time. But this is rare. And, they are never drunk! Las Vegas wedding officiants are not permitted to marry anyone under the influence or suspected to be under the influence. Doing so would result in the suspension or revocation of the Las Vegas wedding officiants license. So, save the toasts for after the ceremony!

The Ceremonies Are Short and Sweet

Most typical Las Vegas wedding ceremonies are short but sweet. Without the frills of a large bridal party, personal comments by the family priest, a love song sung by aunt Betty, and communion, an actual wedding ceremony is relatively short. A good Las Vegas wedding will consist of these elements: the meaning of marriage, the question of intent, vows, rings, possibly a prayer (yes-many people in Las Vegas pray!), and a final pronouncement. These elements of a Las Vegas wedding ceremony take less than ten minutes!

So don’t believe everything you see in the movies! We certainly know how to have fun here in Las Vegas and we know how to make your Las Vegas wedding ceremony amazing. But, unless you are spending the night with Siegfried and Roy, you won’t wake up with a tiger in your room!

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