Wedding Packages in Las Vegas

Lucky Little Wedding Chapel provides wedding packages, a number of wedding venues, tux and gown rentals, and accessories that will make your day special. All weddings begin with the Lucky Mini package, and you can customize them to your preference. It’s not just our wedding packages that are worth noting — we have designed our two locations elegantly to accentuate your special occasion.

Las Vegas Wedding Packages for Every Couple

Every couple is different and unique when they think of their wedding day. Because of that, Lucky Little Wedding Chapel encourages you to find or create your wedding package that suits your taste. You’re never locked into just one package because if you want more of one service, you can speak to our wedding coordinators to make it happen. Your wish is only a phone call away!

Coordinating Your Perfect Day

In Las Vegas, wedding packages are everywhere, but you can’t find a lavishly coordinated wedding at low prices — that is until we came along. We believe that everyone should experience a once-in-a-lifetime wedding that’s worth talking about for many years. You don’t have to shell out your entire life savings to make your dreams come true! At Lucky Little Wedding Chapel, we’ll make it happen at unbeatable prices. Down from the very basic wedding package, we guarantee your wedding is worth cherishing.

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Your One-Stop Wedding Shop

Vegas offers a one-stop wedding shop making it easy for couples to plan their wedding from the bachelorette party down to the honeymoon. When you’re at Lucky Little Wedding Chapel, we offer wedding packages which can include a reception. We work with reputable venues to celebrate your event and coordinate a seamless occasion.
Your wedding day is a celebration of love which is why we extend our help in the reception process. From catering to selecting the venue, we can guide you through the process. Interested in this special offer? Contact us today for more information.

Offering Tux & Gown Rentals Too

Look your best on your special! Along with our wedding packages, we offer tux and dress rentals for the biggest moments of your life.
Each wedding dress rental includes a wedding dress, wedding dress shoes, a veil, and an accessory. Prices vary based on the intricacy of the wedding dress, and all fittings are FREE! For more options, you may also select a Vegas wedding dress package or borrow or purchase items a la carte. From start to finish, we are committed to helping you find the perfect fit and plan a beautiful, memorable wedding day!
For men, you can also find the perfect look with a tuxedo from our collection of suits. Each rental includes a tuxedo jacket, pants, shoes, bow tie, and vest (optional). Rentals may be kept for up to 24 hours at no additional charge.

A Reminder Before Your Wedding Day

Please keep in mind that all wedding packages do not include your payment towards a wedding officiant. There is a minimum of $50, and you can pay this by credit card or cash.
You will need a Nevada State Marriage License for the wedding ceremony.

Choose a Wedding Package and Reserve Your Spot Now!

Looking for the perfect wedding packages in Las Vegas can be overwhelming, but we make it exciting. After all, a wedding should not be a stressful occasion; it is a celebration of love! Once, you have an idea of what you want, contact us today and reserve a time slot to get married!
At Lucky Little Wedding Chapel, we make dream weddings happen at affordable prices.