Custom Bouquets in Las Vegas

Do you have a specific floral bouquet you have in mind for your special day?

Here at Lucky Little Chapel, we offer custom bouquet arrangements to give your wedding that personal touch. Our talented floral stylists will handcraft and design the bouquet you envision for the day you’ve been dreaming about. Flowers are a huge part of every wedding as it makes a statement and carries the entire feel of your wedding.

From specific flower types, colors, and other details at your request, we will make your wedding dream come true starting with your flower design.

Custom wedding bouquets

At Lucky Little Wedding Chapel, we offer a variety of custom and pre-curated wedding bouquets that are included in our packages but can be purchased as add-ons to customize your Las Vegas wedding experience. Our wedding bouquets can be made from scratch and modified to meet your every need!

Bouquets can be custom-made to be the right size, style, color, and flowers! Reach out to one of our Wedding Specialists for pricing!

Experts to help guide you
The expert wedding specialists at Lucky Little Wedding Chapel can help make sure that your custom wedding bouquets are the freshest, brightest flowers for your big day!

Custom wedding bouquets
The Origin of Wedding Flowers

The Origin of Wedding Flowers

Flowers are beautiful and their colorful varieties make for elegant and romantic decorations, but the tradition of wedding flowers is one that dates far back and is deeply rooted in the desire to bring positivity to a marriage. Brides have been carrying bouquets of flowers during their wedding dating as far back as ancient Rome. This ancient tradition has survived thousands of years and has evolved as the years have gone on.

Originally, it was thought that certain flowers, herbs, and succulents would bring protection and prosperity to the couple’s lives. While we may not think about why we continue this tradition, floral bouquets are a staple of weddings.

Tossing the bouquet is also a tradition that was popularized in Europe. It is thought that the wedding bouquet brings good luck, so it is good luck to catch the bouquet when the bride tosses it.

Our Custom Wedding Bouquets

At Lucky Little Chapel, we create the most elegant and beautiful wedding bouquets for you on your special day. Our custom wedding bouquets can include the flowers of your choice. Choose from a variety of pre-made or custom bouquets to match and compliment your wedding dress and theme.

Please order custom bouquets at least 48 hours in advance to ensure availability. Due to seasonal supplies, some floral substitutes may be made.

Don’t see your bouquet here?

Our professional floral team can make the bouquet of your dreams! Saw it on Pinterest? No problem! Send us a picture and we will give you a quote. Text your ideas to 702-539-4340 with your dream bouquet, your first name and the date of your ceremony and we will send you a price quote!