How Do I Choose a Las Vegas Wedding Officiant?

How Do I Choose a Las Vegas Wedding Officiant

Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world because we make everything about your wedding day easy! No matter what theme or officiant you want, our Las Vegas wedding chapel with Elvis, a pink Cadillac, and hit songs from the ’50s or an elegant Las Vegas wedding that isn’t too pricey. Las Vegas is the perfect destination for your wedding day!

Las Vegas Wedding Officiant on Demand

The good news is, there is no shortage of Las Vegas wedding Officiants to choose from. Whether you want an Elvis that can marry you legally, a civil servant, or a bonafide pastor who prays, every Las Vegas wedding chapel has plenty of officiants. And if that’s not enough, there are plenty of independent ministers in Las Vegas who will meet you anywhere from Red Rock Canyon to the top of the Stratosphere so that you can say I do.

How Do I Choose a Las Vegas Wedding Officiant?

Selecting is Not as Easy as it Sounds

Choosing a Las Vegas wedding officiant is like choosing a Las Vegas wedding chapel. You need to decide what you want. Do you want a religious wedding ceremony or a civil wedding ceremony? Almost every Las Vegas wedding officiant will do either out of respect for your particular spiritual preferences. When you book your Las Vegas wedding, simply let your officiant know what you want.

Think About Your Wedding Vows

What are your options? Well, consider whether or not you have your own vows or do you prefer the traditional ones. And don’t worry ladies! Hardly any officiants use the word “obey” anymore. Will you be exchanging wedding rings? Do you want prayer, a Scripture, or mention of God? Simply let your Las Vegas wedding officiant know upfront and they will accommodate you.

So how do you find a minister? Even if you don’t want to get married in a Las Vegas wedding chapel, calling a chapel is the best and easiest way to find an officiant. There are plenty of ministers who are fluent in Spanish, French, and other languages. The Las Vegas wedding chapel will make all the arrangements for you and pair you with the perfect pastor to make your Las Vegas wedding day one to remember!

Bottom Line

In most cases, wedding officiants are not employed or paid directly by the Las Vegas wedding chapel they represent, so be sure to leave some room in your budget to bless your minister. It’s bad luck and bad form to stiff your officiant! The Las Vegas wedding chapel you book through can give you a range of tips that is typical for officiants. Currently, that is $40-$100. Remember, your officiant is providing you with a legal service, not just a sentimental one!

So, as you finalize your Las Vegas wedding plans, don’t sweat about the officiant. Just be sure to let them know what you want, and they will take good care of all your wedding needs!

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