Vow Renewal Las Vegas

Vow Renewal Las Vegas

At Lucky Little Wedding Chapel, we handle vow renewals with the same degree of quality services as weddings. All of Lucky Little Chapel’s wedding packages can be used for Vow Renewals. Choose from our collection of wedding packages perfect for any budget, varying guest amounts, and each offering their own amenities.

Vow Renewal at our Venue

Feel free to choose our Las Vegas wedding chapel for your vow renewal as we professionally coordinate the rest. We have a venue that’s perfect for your special moment. If you’d like a tour of our chapel, we can arrange a tour that can work best for your renewal.

Your Commitment to One Another

A vow renewal is a statement that says, “I want to continue our love.” It is a meaningful and romantic milestone often celebrated by couples who are celebrating their wedding anniversary. Regardless, of the occasion, a renewal is a cherished event for everyone involved which is why we do our best to get it right in every detail.

Leave With a Renewal Certificate

Every vow renewal ceremony is a special occasion which is why we offer a renewal certificate for only $5. We want you to commemorate your love the right way as you continue to build your relationship for the future.

Honoring Your Special Requests

Want to relive your wedding day? Speak to our wedding specialists today to see how we can help. We can plan your renewal in a way that remembers that first time you said, “I do”, or you can select from one of our many wedding packages. At Lucky Little Wedding Chapel, we’ll make your renewal easy and enjoyable. All you have to do is call us and set a date.

Vow Renewal in Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn’t just about weddings. It’s a city that celebrates love, commitment, and passion. We’re no stranger to any vow renewal as we help dozens of couples all over the world.

 REMEMBER: Any of Lucky Little Chapel’s wedding packages can be used for Vow Renewal. 

In a joyous moment at Lucky Little Chapel, this image features a newly married couple standing together, both dressed in formal attire. The man holds a large white sign reading 'MR & MRS,' while the woman embraces him. Surrounded by potted plants and a vase, the couple's happiness shines through as they commemorate their special day.