Bar Ideas to Have At Your Wedding

Bar Ideas to Have At Your Wedding

All you need is love… and maybe a bar. Once the ‘I dos’ have been said your guests eagerly look forward to the reception. And that means scoping out the neat and unique things you’ve set up for them to indulge in. Having a bar at your wedding is always a given, but utilizing Lucky Little Chapel’s unique bar ideas will make your wedding more memorable for everyone in attendance. Take these bar ideas as inspiration and build and create them to be your own.

1. Sweets

If it’s sweet, it serves. You cannot go wrong with a sweets bar. Think about both of your favorite sweets and work them into the decor or theme at your wedding. The choices and options for sweets are endless; donuts, cupcakes, gummy bears, jelly beans, chocolate, lollipops, and more. You could even get some sweets color-coordinated to make your visual aesthetic appealing.

2. S’mores

Your guests will be ecstatic if they see a s’mores bar at your wedding. Perfect for summer night outdoor receptions and works best for chilly months, a s’mores bar creates cozy vibes for your guests. Consider serving s’mores with hot cocoa or coffee along with your graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. Don’t forget to light your gas bar so your guests can have fun roasting!

3. Ice cream sundae

Your party will definitely be screaming for ice cream. But an ice cream bar? It doesn’t get any better than that! Let your creative juices flow with the variety of different setups you can do with an ice cream bar. Give your guests an endless assortment of ice cream flavors, toppings, syrups, and cone options. Your guests will definitely have a blast!

4. Pizza and pie

You can have a pizza bar, a pie bar, or both! Having a set up of colorful pizza or pie variations on perfectly decorated tiers and tables will look beautiful. Not only does this give your guests different options to try, but they will definitely thank you for it.

5. Cheese

Having a cheese bar at your weddings is the perfect pair with wine (if you’re having some at your reception). Provide guests with variations of cheese, meats, crackers, and fruits like grapes or melons. A cheese bar is perfect for appetizers and allows guests to get up and mingle.

6. Alcohol

If alcohol is a must at your wedding, spruce it up for your guests! Set up a sangria station with labeled dispensers, a beer tap bar, a champagne bar, or even wine bar. Guests love having options! Alcohol shouldn’t be served from a boring bartender, you can definitely turn it into something fancy and fun for your guests to serve themselves.

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