5 Best Places for Photos Around Las Vegas

5 Best Places for Photos Around Las Vegas

Every wedding photograph tells a love story. What makes the Las Vegas Valley so unique is its variety of backdrops for wedding photos. Whether you’re looking for a rustic feel or glamour-type photos, there are many great spots to capture the perfect photos. Depending on the type of theme you’re going for, here are a few beautiful spots across the city for the perfect frame.

5 Best Places for Photos Around Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon Natural Conservation Area

Known for its amazing rock formations and pure desert scenery, the Red Rock Canyon is ideal for the wedding couple looking for a beautiful landscape photo set. The landscape makes any white wedding gown pop against the vivid colored rocks and photos taken at sunset are breathtaking.

Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas is an award-winning location for both wedding photos and wedding ceremonies. Located south of Henderson, Nevada, Lake Las Vegas is perfect for both engagement and wedding photos no matter how casual or formal you desire. The glistening lake and the abundance of charming plant life make any photoshoot utterly flawless.

The Strip

If you’re going for a classic Las Vegas wedding shoot, head to The Strip for charm and authenticity. From the Bellagio Foundations to the legendary ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, you can never go wrong with the many options The Strip has for unique backdrops. Feeling Paris? The Eiffel Tower in the Paris is absolutely stunning. Feeling romantic? Caesar’s Palace is remarkable and is one of the best photo locations in Las Vegas. Take advantage of each of the hotel’s themes and let your photographer know your inspiration.

Nelson “Ghost Town”/Eldorado Canyon

Just about 45 minutes from Las Vegas, you can find yourself in the Western world in the middle of the desert. Nelson “Ghost Town” is popular for the couple looking for a rustic, “wild wild west” type of theme for their wedding photos. From old saloon buildings to antique cars and old mining equipment to old rusted signs, this is the perfect location for true, rural photographs.

Downtown Las Vegas

The Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas is full of life with incredible murals and exclusive scenery. Perfect for the wedding couple going for a modern, urban vibe, DTLV has countless locations for that perfect shot. From the Casino Center, Neon Museum, to Container Park, there are a lot of hidden treasures you definitely can find that’ll trigger your creativity and imagination.

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