Weddings are a beautiful celebration of love and the joy of finding a partner in life to share in the journey, and a Las Vegas Wedding is no exception! Whether you want a quick, simple Las Vegas wedding, or you want a more extravagant ceremony, elements of tradition can be included to create a wonderful expression of love and enhance your Las Vegas wedding chapel experience.

Throughout the centuries, the traditions of marriage have grown and changed as societies have mingled and the world has opened up through the Internet. However, one of the timeless traditions of marriage that has not changed is the exchanging of rings. The giving and wearing of the wedding ring are believed to have originated with the Egyptians. They believed that the ring was a great symbol of love and marriage because of the following elements. Eventually, the wedding ring became the premier symbol and most societies regard this as the ultimate symbol of endless love.

Celebrating the Meaning of the Ring in a Las Vegas Weddings

The Ring is Endless

The Egyptians regarded the circle as a symbol that represented eternity. The ring, therefore, as a circle, is the perfect symbol of eternity—never-ending and eternal, as true, romantic love should be. Just as important as the ring are the ring bearers! Don’t forget about these little people too.

The Ring is Strong

Although Egyptian rings were made of things like braided reeds, today, we have much stronger elements available to us. Traditional rings are made from metal, which is the symbol of strength, meaning that the love between two people will endure. As metal endures, true love will stand the test of time, untarnished and undiminished.

The Ring is Precious

The wedding ring is made from precious metal, symbolizing that love is precious and is to be revered and protected. The vows made during the wedding ceremony are also precious. They are made uniquely between two people and as a covenant. Therefore, they are not to be broken.

The Ring is Placed on the Finger

The left finger, in particular, was regarded by Egyptians, to contain a vein that ran closest to the heart. This meant that the love between two people was from the heart and therefore, special. Today, different societies wear wedding ring on differing hands, but the sentiment remains the same.

When you get your Las Vegas wedding, the ring portion of the ceremony remains a beautiful element of any ceremony. Whether you choose a civil ceremony with Elvis serenading you, or you want a traditional ceremony, the exchanging of rings is a timeless tradition that will enhance your Las Vegas wedding. On behalf of the staff here at The Lucky Little Chapel, we hope these tips help make your day fabulous!

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