7 Tips on Mapping Out Your Wedding Seating Chart

7 Tips on Mapping Out Your Wedding Seating Chart

Although seating charts aren’t quite mandatory, it’s common for the bride and groom to create specific arrangements for their guests. It’s important to start mapping out a chart around the same time the RSVP cards are received and confirmed so you can get a better idea of placement. There are various elements to consider when creating your ideal seating chart, so check out Lucky Little Chapel’s seven tips to help you get started.

How to Create the Perfect Wedding Seating Chart

1. Consider your table shape

The table shape in your venue plays a huge part in the overall layout of your reception. From round and rectangular table shapes being the most common, they give you a better idea of how many guests to sit at one table and how they will be able to interact with each other.

2. Literally map out your chart

Take the time to create a physical and digital chart to help you throughout the process. Having your seating chart mapped out on paper allows you to easily play around with table placement and where to place each guest. You can stay organized by using different colored labels for each table or individual. Be creative with what works best for you!

3. Family First

Keep your immediate family and friends somewhat close to where both of you are sitting. Given it’s your special day, you want your loved ones together and upfront. You can even ask your parents on tips on where to place specific family members that prefer to sit next to each other. This will help a lot!

4. Organize guests by groups

Find the common ground when organizing the rest of your guests at their tables. It’s obvious to seat people who know each other on the same tables as coworkers from the same company, school friends, etc. This gives your guests comfort while enjoying your celebration.

5. Avoid the singles’ table

Ditch the idea of seating all your single friends/family members at one table. This can be rather awkward or embarrassing to them. You also don’t want to seat singles on a table full of married couples. Again, seat people with a common ground or with people they will definitely click with.

6. Keep children together

Kids love being around other kids! Consider making a separate table with crafts and activities for the little ones to enjoy themselves with. Try not to put them too far away from their parents, that way they can easily spot them out throughout the event.

7. Don’t forget yourselves and the wedding party!

And most importantly, don’t forget to seat yourselves and your wedding party. Whether you’re having a sweetheart table or a huge table you can share with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, be sure to discuss this essential element when working on your program, as well.

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