How To Pick Your Wedding Theme

How To Pick Your Wedding Theme

Your wedding theme is what puts together your wedding day. Think of it as the paint that colorfully showcases your breathtaking wedding. Learning how to pick your wedding theme is important since you want to get it right. We’ll be going over all the important factors in learning how to pick your wedding theme.

Wedding Theme Importance By Season

The first step in how to pick your wedding theme is to consider the current season. Spring weddings look well with spring colors like violet, mint, pink or other vibrant colors. The same goes for every other season. Consider choosing the corresponding season with its colors related to it. The wedding chapel you choose always looks breathtaking once you’ve set a wedding theme.

Fall season weddings look great decorated with emerald or dusty roses. Your wedding theme is the official wedding color itself. Go over all of your options then wear your tuxedos or bridesmaid’s dresses accordingly. Seeing the wedding theme colors in person may be a lot different than seeing it in pictures. So, always see the wedding theme color before settling on it.

Personalizing Your Wedding Theme

The great thing about weddings is that you and your spouse are in complete control! Meaning, whatever decision both of you are okay with is totally okay. You can choose to have a formal or informal wedding. Some couples prefer a suit-and-tie wedding event while others prefer a relaxed dress code.

Wearing sneakers is now blurring the lines of weddings, which is a great thing! You and your partner are controlling every decision, so as long as both of you are on the same page then it’s okay. Speak with your partner about the dress code since that is an important part of the wedding theme.

Consider A Holiday Themed Wedding

If you’re one of the lucky couples to have a holiday-themed wedding then you’re in for a treat! Most families get together during the holidays, so some couples take advantage of that by hosting their wedding during the holidays. This may be done to avoid timing inconveniences for guests.

Aside from the winter holidays, other couples may host off-holiday-themed weddings. Some couples may have a Halloween wedding or Valentine’s Day wedding. Each of the colors is in accordance with the specific holiday’s colors. Remember, you and your spouse are in total control of every decision. Any final decision is okay as long as both of you agreed to it.

Other Factors To Consider In Your Wedding Theme

Another tip in how to pick your wedding theme is to consider matching the colors with your wedding attire. The wedding tuxedos and bridesmaids’ dresses should match your wedding color. By doing this it continues the wedding theme effortlessly. Also, the wedding theme should also represent itself in your official wedding invitations.

The wedding invitations should also match your wedding colors. Your wedding colors, dress code, and wedding ideas are all important factors in your wedding theme. Talk these options over with your significant other.

Always Speak With Your Significant Other

The final tip on how to pick your wedding theme is to talk over your final decisions with your significant other. One of the most important tips in marriage is always being in accord with your loved one. The best reason to get married is to have the feeling of intuition with your loved one.

Overall, keep all of these tips in mind when planning your wedding. Your wedding day can be as easy or difficult as you can make it to be. So, always choose to make your wedding easier!

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