How to Stay Organized While Planning Your Wedding

How to Stay Organized While Planning Your Wedding

Wedding planning is not easy and there are about a million things on a checklist that need to get done before you walk down the aisle. Between appointments with vendors, deciding dinner details, choosing a venue, creating guest gifts, and so much more, there is plenty that can get overlooked. To help you keep your head on your shoulders as you plan the biggest party of your marriage, here are a few ways Lucky Little Chapel recommends to stay organized while planning your wedding.

Wedding Planner

You will always want to consider the option of starting out with a professional wedding planner or an all-inclusive destination like Lucky Little Chapel. And the fact of the matter is, they are not there to make the decisions of your big day for you, more as they are being hired to make sure your plans are executed flawlessly and any last-minute details or mishaps handled expertly.

Create a Wedding-Only Email Address

Save yourself the trouble by immediately creating a wedding-only email address. Your regular life is already busy enough, so when you throw wedding-related emails into the mix, things can get missed and everything can become overwhelming. To avoid this, create a wedding-only email address to streamline all wedding-related matters. This will keep you organized and will also help you to manage your time. Both you and your future mate can manage it together, too!

Google Drive

Many planners recommend creating budget spreadsheets, and Google Drive is great for this, plus more. You can create your guest list and address inventories, guest responses, and details through Google Drive. These are living documents that you’ll be able to access in real time from anywhere you can access your account.

Commit to Commitment

For wedding package purposes, it is important to pick an organizational strategy and then stick to it. If you want to go fully digital and rely on mobile calendars, to-do lists and auto-reminders, make sure you only use those apps to keep tabs on your tasks and responsibilities. Otherwise, have a planner, calendar, or notebook to keep yourself organized. One or the other. By trying double-storing info and appointments, or writing some things down and doing a digital memo for another, information can get lost in translation. Commit to committing to one strategy, or one organizer where everything is stored, safe, and accurate.

How to Stay Organized While Planning Your Wedding

Keep It Together

Speaking of storing things, to stay organized within your daily life, choose a specific spot within your home to store all wedding-related materials such as information, paperwork, decor, contracts, etc. Also keep stamps, envelopes, a pen, a file folder, and some paperclips nearby to stay extra organized while making plans for your wedding reception. The last thing you need is a cluttered living area on top of the chaos of planning a wedding, so to increase productivity and avoid misplacing important items, keep everything in one area so you always know where it is, or at least where to look!

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