If it’s time in your timeline to start your wedding invitations, this part is definitely a fun one. A single invite is your opportunity to showcase a sneak peek of your wedding to your family and friends, so get excited! There’s a lot to consider when it comes to designing your invites– theme, where, when, rsvp details, etc. Let your guests get a feel of what type of wedding they will potentially be attending and what’s expected. In this article, check out Lucky Little Chapel’s important dos and don’ts of wedding invitations.

Wedding Invitation Hacks

DO triple-check everything

The last thing you want on your wedding invite is misspelled words and inaccurate information. Remember, your loved ones rely a lot on the information you provide on the invite so be sure to triple check names, addresses, dates, and RSVP information. When in doubt, let your bridal party be a pair of eyes for any errors that you might have missed.

DO include RSVP information

A huge part of wedding invitations is the RSVPs. Along with making sure the RSVP information is accurate, be sure to include a separate enclosure with the proper postage. Give your guests at least 3-4 weeks to respond. Although you’re sending out invites 8-10 months before the wedding, you don’t want to give your guests too much time to RSVP (they will forget). You need to consider a final headcount for catering, venue, and for seating arrangements in an ideal amount of time.
The Dos and Donts of Wedding Invitations

DO be organized

Find a system that works for you when it comes to your wedding invites. From mailing to organizing RSVP cards, your guests are a huge part of your wedding. You should definitely keep a separate folder for invite info and RSVPs to keep you on track throughout the planning process.

DO order extra

When in doubt, order a few extra invites for people you’ve forgotten or mistaken. It can be expensive to reorder invites after getting them printed and shipped. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to keep a couple for a special keepsake.

DON’T mention registry information

It can be very distasteful to include your registry information on your invite. What’s even worse is listing things you want and don’t want– this is a huge no! Instead, share your registry information on your website or social media which is okay to mention links/handles on the invite.

DON’T be vague about who is invited

Be specific on the invite who is invited– this includes children! Not only should you address who is invited on the envelope, but be sure to include a number of how many guests are granted for each invite. For example, you can use “## seats have been reserved for you.”

DON’T use a standby list

It’s always smart to invite your entire guest list at the same time rather than waiting out who will be declining. Your guest list is crucial to your wedding planning, so really take the time to plan who you want to share your special day with.

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