Simple Tips to Looking Thinner on Your Wedding Day

Simple Tips to Looking Thinner on Your Wedding Day

Whether you have had time to plan a traditional Las Vegas wedding at a chapel, or you are coming last minute for a quick wedding, every bride wants to look and feel beautiful on her wedding day. If you haven’t had time to plan, or you are just concerned about looking slender in your dress, you don’t have to do a crash diet to accomplish this! You can look slimmer on your Las Vegas wedding day. Here are a few simple things you can do to feel great and look amazing.

Simple Tips to Looking Thinner on Your Wedding Day

Wear High Heels

You may not want to walk around all day in high heels, but for your Las Vegas wedding ceremony and wedding photos, elongating your frame with heels is a simple way to look thinner instantly. Keep a pair of flat shoes with you for after the photos, but the added height will be your friend—I promise!

Avoid Salt and Drink Water

Las Vegas is a desert and you can instantly feel the dry climate and the lack of humidity when you arrive. If you are flying in, this can also cause temporary dehydration. Add salty gourmet foods from any number of our world-class restaurants. So, save the savory dinner for after the Las Vegas wedding. Drink plenty of water and avoid salty foods. You’ll feel great and have rich, delicious foods to look forward to after when you are ready to celebrate!


Contouring with make-up is a great way to help your face look slim, and the right undergarments can help make your body look slim! Nowadays, even Target carries great options for slenderizing your look. Even something as simple as a control top hose will help suck in many of the areas around your hips and thighs and give you a great shape. Contouring with make-up is not as mysterious as it used to be. You can find great, online tutorials or go to a make-up store. Most stores will offer a makeover consultation free or for a minimum purchase. Let them know you are specifically interested in contouring!

Strike a Pose

When you are walking down the aisle on your Las Vegas wedding, make sure you have great posture—shoulders back, chest out, and back straight. The right posture can literally make you look ten pounds thinner. Also, when taking your Las Vegas wedding photos, make sure you are aware of your posture. Tucking your chin down slightly will help to highlight your face. Putting one foot forward can also give you a more slimming look. Lastly, don’t hold your flowers too high. Let your arms rest on your hip bones and let the flowers cover any little pooch you may have on your abdomen. Visually, this will make you look slimmer and is a very appealing pose!

On behalf of the staff here at The Lucky Little Chapel, we hope these tips help make your day fabulous! The Lucky Little Chapel Downtown is a full-service Las Vegas wedding chapel and we offer a great variety of amazing, affordable Las Vegas wedding packages to choose from.

For more information, call 702-539-4340, and a member of our team will be happy to help you!

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