5 Reasons to Get Married in Las Vegas

Get Married in Las Vegas

There are countless reasons to get married in Las Vegas from the iconic wedding chapels to the world-class resorts that make Las Vegas the ideal destination wedding location. At Lucky Little Chapel, we absolutely love playing host to wedding couples from around the world and we’ve gathered 5 of the best reasons to get married in Las Vegas.

1. It’s the Classic Elopement Destination

First and foremost, Las Vegas is the classic elopement destination and has been for decades. Whether you’re planning to get married in Vegas as a party of two or want to invite 25 of your best friends and family to enjoy the ceremony, a Las Vegas wedding is simply classic.

2. Las Vegas Weddings Are Iconic

There’s something about Las Vegas weddings that are simply iconic— so iconic that they have their own movie trope! Maybe it’s because Las Vegas is an incredible wedding destination with a dozen world-class resorts or how Las Vegas wedding chapels prioritize making your wedding ceremony incredible, but when you get married in Las Vegas you get to experience the magic first hand.

3. You Can Have Your Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties in Vegas

While it’s more customary to have your bachelor and bachelorette parties a month or two before your wedding ceremony, it’s pretty common for couples getting married in Las Vegas to make the most of their Las Vegas destination wedding by combining the wedding ceremony with all of the festivities. Now who could blame them? Las Vegas has some of the best nightlife in the world! So when in Rome…

4. Vegas Weddings Are Vacations Too!

As we’ve touched on quite a bit, coming to Las Vegas for a destination wedding is more than just a wedding ceremony, visiting Las Vegas is a whole vacation at the same time! You can treat yourself and your wedding party to a world-class vacation that has you feeling like a red-carpet VIP as you celebrate the most special day of your life with your partner! Who knows, you might even start your honeymoon here while you’re at it.

5. You Can Get Married on the Spot

By far one of the most common, and arguably the best, reasons for getting married in Las Vegas has to do with how simple it is to get married. As long as you have all of your marriage license paperwork in order, you should have no problem getting married on the spot! Just make sure that you’ve gone over your Las Vegas wedding checklist.

Lucky Little Chapel Las Vegas Wedding Venue

Lucky Little Chapel is the best place in Las Vegas to have your wedding! We offer the best wedding venue in Las Vegas just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas and offer an extensive list of all-inclusive wedding packages to choose from. Speak to one of our fantastic wedding coordinators to plan your Las Vegas wedding today and experience why so many happy couples choose Lucky Little Chapel.

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