A Little White in Your Las Vegas Wedding

A Little White In Your Las Vegas Wedding

Traditionally, white has been the choice of brides and weddings everywhere, because white is the symbol of purity, wholeness, and completeness. Being married in a Las Vegas wedding chapel is no exception! Whether you want to wear a little white or get married in a little white wedding chapel, holding white flowers, or wear white shoes, white (including off-white and cream) is a beautiful symbol of marriage.

It Doesn’t Just Stand For Purity

The purity doesn’t have to refer to your sexuality – especially when you are getting married in Sin City! The purity has to do with the purity of the wedding vows you are making during your Las Vegas wedding and what that symbolically means to you and your spouse-to-be! The vows are pure because you are making them as a pledge of faith to one person – a person you are promising to keep yourself to and holding the wedding vows as sacred.

A Little White in Your Las Vegas Wedding - Lucky Little Chapel

The Significance of the Color White

The color white is also a color of wholeness and completeness. You are acknowledging that this marriage – even one at a Las Vegas wedding chapel serenaded by Elvis – is bringing a sense of wholeness and completeness to your life. Marriage is a beautiful picture of how wonderful life can be when you find your soulmate.

When people from other areas of the country find out we own a Las Vegas wedding chapel, they are always intrigued by what that means, and if we do a lot of weddings with people that just met. It does happen but it is truly rare!

The Symbolism of the Color

Occasionally, you get an audacious couple that takes the plunge at a Las Vegas wedding chapel without really knowing each other. But most of the time, the couples we marry are sincere, and even though they’ve chosen to be married in Las Vegas, they are really in love, have been together for a while, and want to tie the knot and have fun while doing it!

So, whether the bride ends up in a t-shirt and jeans, or a full-length gown, the color white still proves to be the color of choice to symbolize these elements in marriage – purity, wholeness, and completeness – even at a Las Vegas wedding chapel with Elvis!

The Lucky Little Chapel Downtown is a full-service Las Vegas wedding chapel that offers flowers, photography, video recordings, and of course, Elvis for your special Las Vegas wedding! A little chapel decked in white in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, this wedding chapel is the perfect venue for simple weddings and elegant weddings too!

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