A Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme

A Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme

“Winter Wonderland” is not just a Christmas pop song, but also a great theme for weddings. Create a real-life winter fairy tale this season and have a unique dream-come-true wedding!

How to Prepare for a White Christmas Wedding

Imagine using glass, glitter, white flowers, candles, snowflakes, snowballs– you name it. It would be very majestic and wonderful to have a magical wedding, isn’t it? If you’re thinking of having a spectacular winter wonderland wedding, follow these guidelines to help you set the mood right.

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1. The Colors

White, ice blue, and silver– are the most common and convincing colors for a winter-themed wedding that brings out sophistication. But you can also try playing with other colors such as powder blue, jewel tones, hunter green, or royal purple.

2. The Draping and Lighting

Drape the ceilings and walls with tulle or organza and twinkle lights. You can also line the aisle with rose petals and rent potted bare-branch trees that will surely make a dramatic impact on the room.

3. The Bridal Attire

Wear a sparkly tiara, opera-length gloves, or a faux-fur shrug– whatever works for you! Because a winter wonderland wedding revolves around fantasy, you can be as creative as you want when it comes to your attire!

4. The Flowers

An all-white bouquet will go perfectly with your winter bridal attire! Popular all-white blooms include crisp white tulips, exotic orchids, and dramatic foliage like seed eucalyptus in silver. Finish with a platinum-gray bouquet wrap!

The Bottom Line

A Winter Wonderland is a very exciting and spectacular theme to have for your wedding this season! Why? Because it has all the fantasy and drama that will sweep up you and your guests with a strong underlying mood that will carry them along.

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