6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Veil

6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Veil

A wedding veil is one of the most customary bridal accessories for your big day, but with so many different styles to choose from and details to consider, how do you decide? Follow these handy tips for choosing the perfect wedding veil to top off your look.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Veil

1. Old, New, Borrowed, or Blue?

Before you go running out to buy a brand new veil, first decide: could it be something borrowed? Or potentially something older- like vintage? A wedding veil is one of those wedding outfit details that can be passed along from generation to generation. This also helps determine the color. White, off-white (especially if it’s older), or something different based on the style of your dress? These are all things to consider.

2. Length

When you go for your first dress fitting, have your borrowed veil with you, or use this time to try on as many as you can and find the perfect one for yourself. Make sure that you try on multiple styles, and specifically, multiple lengths. Many times, the length can be customized based on the needs of the bride, and details and embellishments can be added later, once you’ve decided on what looks best with your dress.

Longer veils tend to be more traditional like the cathedral, ballet, and chapel styles, while shorter styles like blushers and bandeaus are more modern, retro, and informal. There is also the popular princess Tierra that can have a veil attached, but it can also be taken off after a certain point throughout your wedding day, leaving only the crown.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Veil

3. HairStyle

Realize that your hairstyle may or may not influence your veil or vice versa. If your heart is set on a particular look, make sure it’s something that will work with the veil that you choose. It’s also important that when you make a practice hair appointment with your hairdresser, you already have the veil in advance and can practice putting it in your hair to make sure it works with the look you are envisioning.

4. Details, darling

Is your dress full of details and embellishments? Do you have a daring backline that you want to highlight? A general rule of thumb is that the more detailed the dress, the more simple your veil should be so that you do not take away from it. Adversely, if you have a very streamlined dress, this leaves room for you to find a veil that can be more creative. Play with different cuts, styles, sequins, and shapes.

5. Don’t Forget the Accessories

Other tips for choosing the perfect wedding veil are wedding accessories. Much like your hair, if you have your heart set on wearing certain pieces on your wedding day, make sure they are accented appropriately. For instance, if you have special earrings or a necklace you’d like highlighted, consider a shorter, simple veil that will help accentuate them.

6. Keep Your Photos in Mind

Remember that your veil will also be highlighted in your wedding pictures, so be mindful of how you want it to be represented. It can be worn during the ceremony and taken off after the formal pictures have been taken to create a second look, but make sure you’ve practiced this with your hairdresser in advance, so you can keep yourself looking flawless throughout your special day!

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