Pros & Cons of Each Wedding Season

Pros & Cons of Each Wedding Season

Depending on the destination you love birds choose to elope, here are some tips in choosing the perfect season to say ‘I dos’ in. One of the most challenging components of wedding planning is choosing that special date. And out of 365 days, keeping in mind the season your wedding date falls on is key. From weather, color themes, styles, and guest accommodations to think about, every season has its share of assets and liabilities that will either make or break the big day. Read on to learn about how Lucky Little Chapel views every season and why they can be unique to every wedding date.

Wedding Seasons Pros Cons


Springtime is the most popular time to get married in. As flowers are finally blooming, a spring wedding reflects a time of a new cheer beginning and an organic fresh feel of a bright new season of change.

Spring Wedding Pros:

• Easy accessibility to flowers of choice
• Popular pastel, bright themes and easy color mixing with neutrals
• Large weddings work best at this time because there is less traveling for your guests
• More wedding dress options
• Awesome lighting for photos

Spring Wedding Cons:

• Unpredictable weather (April showers bring May flowers!)
• Allergy season might not be the best for photos
• Competitive rates due to higher volumes of weddings at this time

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Summertime is a playful season that makes a wedding a lot more fun and flexible.

Summer Wedding Pros:

• Colorful menu options regarding fresh fruit and vegetables
• More daytime for planning and celebrating
• Perfect weather for comfortability
• Great floral options for availability

Summer Wedding Cons:

• Excess heat/harsh lighting may not be ideal for photos and guests
• Guests plan for summer vacation during this time


Fall is the season of cooling weather and the changing of leaves. A fall wedding can easily be indoors, outdoors, or both for both the ceremony and reception. There are tons of positive reasons to get married in the fall.

Summer Wedding Pros:

• Cool weather makes happy guests and beautiful pictures
• Deeper/darker color themes work best (Bronze, oranges, purples, reds, green)

Summer Wedding Cons:

• Choosing a venue can be tricky
• Depending on the demographics of your wedding and whether it’ll be a late fall wedding or an early fall wedding, the weather makes it a difficult choice in deciding an indoor or outdoor venue.


Love is already in the air in the wintertime. With the holidays already setting a heartwarming mood, a winter wedding calls for candles and cozy romance under dimmed lights.

Winter Wedding Pros:

• Pictures in the snow are glorified
• Flights are cheaper
• Romantic and glamorous color themes
• Rich holiday foods (chocolates, desserts, comfort food)
• Cheaper vendors
• Option for an early wedding and later reception without it feeling too late

Winter Wedding Cons:

• Holiday travel of guests
• Unpredictable weather
• Excess rain and snow might be difficult for guests and vendors’ travels.
• Less “daytime” to plan/celebrate in
• Adding additional clothing layers to stay warm
• Guests will second guess a wedding outdoors at the wedding time
• Additional heaters

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