Picking Out the Groom’s Attire 

Picking Out The Groom's Attire

Many put their focus on the bride on the big day, but what about the groom? There are a few things to consider when deciding on the groom’s attire for the big day. First things first, there is a big debate on whether the groom should wear a wedding suit or tuxedo for the big day.

Here is Lucky Little Chapel’s general breakdown of all of the rules so that you can be looking sharp and stylish in no time.

The Suit

When it comes to the suit there are a few different styles to aim for. One can go for casual, versatile, or trendy depending on the dress code for the wedding. The suit is typically made from one fabric and can always be dressed up or down. A suit is typically worn for a more casual or daytime event.

The Traditional Groom’s Attire (The Tuxedo)

The tuxedo is typically formal, traditional, and timeless. What sets a tuxedo apart from the traditional groom’s attire is the satin detailing. Traditionally, a tuxedo has satin-covered buttons, satin lapels, and a satin stripe down each pant leg. Suspenders are used in lieu of a belt since tuxedos do not come with belt loops. If your wedding is a formal or black-tie evening affair, opt for a tuxedo rental.

To Rent or Buy the Groom’s Attire

If there is sentimental value in buying your suit or tuxedo rather than renting, go for the buy. However, you will want to keep in mind that renting a tuxedo or suit on your wedding day significantly decreases the cost by several hundred dollars.

Moreover, if you are interested in having all of your groomsmen look the same then renting will ensure that the suits, tuxes, and accessories are identical. Just one of the many wedding attire tips for grooms!

Coordinate and Respect the Colors

It is best to follow your partner’s lead and set the dress code for the wedding. With that being said, if the bridesmaid’s dresses are a particular color then it might be best to go along with those colors when accessorizing. Your pocket square, tie, or even the waistcoat should be in line with the other colors. Not only will everyone look very well coordinated, but the groom will have a well-coordinated ensemble.

Perfect Fit

With regard to the actual fit, there are a few things to keep in mind. Your trousers should not be too short or too long, allow for an inch of the shirt cuff to be seen past the jacket, and the neckband should allow room for at least two fingers to slip through once buttoned.


A good rule of thumb is to set yourself up with a fitting a few months before the big day. If you are planning on customizing your suit/tux or have any interest in losing or gaining weight for the big day, the fittings leading up to the wedding offer enough time to make any changes. You will want to look and feel your best on this day so give yourself time to make the proper adjustments. This will prevent any wedding day issues.

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