It’s your wedding day and you couldn’t be more excited, you have dreamed of this moment since you were a child and now it’s here. With the months of planning, writing out guest lists, choosing a venue, and sending out invitations, it has been quite the experience planning the perfect wedding. However, no matter how much you plan and organize, wedding day issues can happen unexpectedly. Wedding day issues may come up, however, if you are mentally prepared you can handle any wedding day issue that occurs. Here is Lucky Little Wedding Chapel’s advice on how to handle wedding day issues.

Waking up Sick On your Wedding Day

With all the stress that happens in the days leading up to a wedding, it is not uncommon to wake up feeling less than perfect on your special day. If you wake up not feeling your best, you want to make sure you handle this ahead of anything else. If you can, contact a doctor immediately if you are staying in a hotel the night before your nuptials, the hotel may have a doctor on staff to come in and see you. Many times, all the anticipation of your wedding and all the stress, has caused you to get sick. If a doctor isn’t available try taking a moment to take a hot bath and relax to clear your mind.

The Ex -Factor

Usually, before we have found the one, we had the wrong one, (the Ex) even though you may be on good terms with an ex and invite them to your wedding, this can end up becoming a big wedding day issue. Let’s face it, a wedding brings up all kinds of emotions in people, an ex seeing you get married can cause some old feelings and miscalculations in judgment to arise. If your ex indeed does show up, have a close friend or relative keep an eye on them, even though you may think they are fine, you never know what can occur. With all your own emotions, the last thing you need is an ex making a comment that either upset you or confuses you on your wedding day.

Getting Cold Feet

Your wedding day is one of the biggest events of your life. It’s the day you are committing yourself to your significant other. The wave of emotions can be quite daunting and make you feel nauseous or scared. At some point prior to the wedding. The first thing to do is relax, these feelings are quite normal amongst many people who are getting married. Take a deep breath and exhale, breathing can do wonders in causing us to relax our minds. If breathing exercises are not working, try talking to your maid of honor or best man. Inform them of your concerns. Usually, they can keep you calm and bring your anxiety back down just by talking it out with them.

Fashion Emergency

On the day of your wedding, it’s great to be prepared for the minor incidences that can occur. For example, a stain or tear on your or your wedding party’s outfit. Be sure to pack a sewing kit and a stain-cleaning pen/ cleaning kit. If a tear or stain occurs, usually these can take care of the problem instantly. So you can continue on to other things concerning your wedding.

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