Best Holiday Wedding Colors

Best Holiday Wedding Colors

Picking the colors of your wedding is important since it sets the mood for your wedding. This important task should be thought about and discussed before settling on the color. However, how do you capture the mood of your wedding while still highlighting the holiday season? We’ll be going over the best holiday wedding colors.

How To Pick The Best Wedding Colors

When picking the best holiday colors it’s important to keep in mind the reception decorations, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the lucky couple getting married. Each wedding color should complement each other to capture the holiday wedding. Meaning, the colors for the bridesmaids, groomsmen, groom, and bride should blend together nicely.

One color should not offset the other. Remember to see the colors for the wedding in person before settling on it. Seeing the colors in person provides a picture of what the Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas will look like once the colors are finalized. Also, it provides a look at what the wedding apparel will look like once it’s on a person.

Emerald Green For Bridesmaids

One of the best holiday wedding colors for bridesmaids is emerald green. It captures the natural beauty of a person while also highlighting the holiday season. Typically, green and red are two popular holiday colors. So, using emerald green for the bridesmaids is perfect to capture the holiday spirit.

Emerald green can also be used for the wedding bouquet, corsage, and boutonniere. These are the floral decorations that the bridesmaids and groomsmen will wear. Green carnation is a beautiful green flower that fits well for the bridesmaid’s wedding corsages. Overall, emerald green is a beautiful color that blends well in most settings.

Winter White, Copper & Gold For Decorations

Use winter white, copper, and gold colors for your wedding colors. This trio of colors captures the winter spirit while also highlighting the holiday season. White and gold are great choices for table silverware. One other way to incorporate this color is to use winter white floral decorations.

White rose is a great choice for the main wedding flower. This type of flower symbolizes innocence, purity, and youth. White rose petals can be spread across the aisle before your significant other walks down it. Overall, white roses are a perfect choice to complement other winter white, copper, and gold colors. The combination of these colors is some of the best wedding colors.

Dark Navy Blue For Groomsmen

A good color for the groomsmen is dark navy blue. This color blends well with emerald green for the bridesmaids. Remember, the colors for the bridesmaids and groomsmen should blend together well. One color should not offset the other. Dark navy blue looks great on most wedding tuxedos.

Be sure to try on any dark navy blue tuxedo first before settling on a style. Sometimes pictures don’t fully grasp the details. However, once a tuxedo is on a person then people can visually see all of its a good fit. Certain styles may not match well with other colors, so it’s important to try out every colored tuxedo before settling on it.

Berry Pink & Red For Holiday Colors

The last best holiday wedding colors are berry pink and red. These two colors fully grasp the holiday season while still separating themselves to be a great wedding color. Berry pink is great for the bridesmaid’s colors. Berry pink is a color that fits most season changes.

On the other hand, red is also a great choice for either bridesmaids or groomsmen. Red comes in different shades that paint a holiday wedding perfectly. Burgundy red is a nice elegant color that fits most people. Red is also one of the main colors for the holiday season. Overall, keep all of these colors in mind when choosing your wedding colors.

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