Flying with Your Wedding Dress

Flying with Your Wedding Dress

Finally, it’s the time you have been waiting for. All the planning, work, and endless decisions that you had to do have all come down to the big day, your wedding! You thought you were pretty much done with all the wedding decisions, did you forget about traveling and possibly flying with your wedding dress?

For those of you who are having a destination wedding, you might not have contemplated how your wedding dress will get there. With the number of countless hours shopping trying to locate the perfect dress to wear on your special day, you can’t dare anything to go wrong with your irreplaceable dress.

To keep it simple, your wedding dress is almost like another person’s when it comes to traveling. Stop and breathe for a moment…there is no reason to panic or get stressed out. All you need to do is a little more preparation. See Lucky Little Chapel’s tips on traveling with your precious wedding dress below.

Here Are Ways to Fly with Your Dress

Inform the airline you’re flying with

Each airline has its own set of rules on how you can fly with your dress, from checking in your dress to bringing it on board as a carry-on. Talk with them plenty of time prior so you can have all the airline policies and procedures on wedding dresses.

Calling the airline will give you an overall idea of how flying with a wedding dress works with their planes.

Upgrade to first-class

Typically, first-class passengers do receive preferential treatment when flying. From checking bags, designated security lines, lounge access, and priority boarding. All of these convictions will be much appreciated while flying to your wedding.

Most airline’s first-class sections are equipped with a closet on board just for first-class passengers, this will give your dress a contained space during the flight, so you don’t have to worry about where it will be placed on board.

Giving your wedding dress its own seat

Yes, it seems a little out there. However, some brides are opting to have their wedding dress have their own personal seats. This option will eliminate the worry of where your dress will go during the flight. During the flight, your eyes can easily zone in on the safety of your dress. Many women become concerned with the placement of their dresses in the overhead compartment. Because other passengers frequently open overhead bins throughout the flight.

If you do decide to purchase your wedding dress its own seat. Remember to make sure your dress is seated right next to you. If the ticketing agent tries to move your seats, or if there is an aircraft change. You should inform ground agents immediately upon arrival, that you cannot part from your wedding dress during the flight. Make sure the dress is in a garment bag to prevent any unwanted dirt or debris from collecting on your dress.

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