Hiring a wedding planner is a very personal decision between you and your future spouse. You will be trusting their expertise and depending on their professionalism for one of the biggest days of your life. You need to have complete confidence in them, but how do you know what to look for? All planners offer different services, existing as a whole, to take the strain and stress out of planning a wedding. That being said, every bride and groom is different, so figuring out what to look for in a professional wedding planner really depends on the needs and desires of the couple.

To help you figure out what to look for in a professional wedding planner, consider Lucky Little Chapel’s following suggestions:

Free Consultation

Meeting with your planner in person is key when it comes to hiring the perfect wedding planner! Simply seeing someone’s work online (which could be staged), or having a nice phone conversation is one thing, but meeting them in person and really getting a feel for their personality can quickly confirm or completely change what you might have already had in mind. They should offer a free consultation, and you decide on an agreement after that initial meeting. Overall, planning the wedding program leads to a stress-free wedding!

What to Look for in a Professional Wedding Planner

Individual Background or Experience

Every wedding planner is different and has their own unique skill set. Some may be better suited to the type of wedding you’re hoping to plan, so to find that out, determine what you want to feature in the wedding and find someone who is an expert in that area. If food and the wedding cake are your first priority, then a planner who knows the catering business might be a good choice. Many planners will have a diverse amount of experience but try to work with someone who can emphasize the components that you feel are most important.

Services Provided

Think about what services you’ll need for your wedding, then find a planner who can satisfy those needs. There are planners who offer all-encompassing wedding packages, whereas other planners can be more a la carte. You may only need a day-of coordinator to help everything run smoothly, or you may prefer an expert to help you from the planning process, all the way through your big day. Some planners add an extra charge for things like design services, so make sure you know from the start, what you’re getting and that it’s noted in the contract.


Last, you’ll want to ask whether they have insurance. In wedding planning, liability insurance is a must. Most high-end resorts will require a planner to have it, but you don’t ever want to assume. Having the right kind of insurance helps maintain the professional aspect of your event and protects everyone involved.

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