Essential Tips for Making Your Guest List

Essential Tips for Making Your Guest List

It’s your wedding, not theirs. Be kind, but don’t try to please everyone. Coming up a guest list can be a wrangle to deal with, especially when there are so many factors into who to invite and who not to invite. With the venue and budget to keep in mind, putting together a guest list takes lots of organization and patience. Here are Lucky Little Chapel’s six great tips you might want to consider to keep your guest list in check.

6 Essential Tips for Making Your Guest List

1. Come up with an ideal count

Once you’ve confirmed the venue of your dreams, it’s always best to come up with a realistic count of guests you’d like to accommodate along with your budget you’re willing to spend per person. This includes food and drinks, wedding invitations, gifts and entertainment, destination, etc.

2. How to divide the guest list

Although it can be challenging with parents involved, remember, a wedding is all about bringing families together. If both you and your fiance’s parents are contributing to the wedding, it’s only fair to give them a portion of the guest list. For example, if your guest list is 200, the guest list is split in half with you and finance, 100/100. Then your parents would get 50 and his/her parents can get 50 people as well.

6 Essential Tips for Making Your Guest List

3. Invite your A list and keep a B list

Come up with a list of the must-have guests or your dream list. These are the people you absolutely need to have at your wedding; family, best friends, etc. This is the A list. But keeping a B list handy is also very smart to have as well. This might include coworkers, colleagues, distant relatives, and friends. Consider this list of people you can realistically accommodate.

4. Children or no children?

Now, this might be a huge factor to think of when it comes to inviting families with children. Is your wedding kid-friendly? Be sure to state on your invite if children are able to attend. This also includes plus-ones. This is another thing to think of when looking at your wedding budget.

5. Color code the seating arrangements

Color coordinate your seating arrangements with his/her family, friends, work, etc. That way you know where everyone will be comfortable sitting and this also helps you track who you may have forgotten. It’s always helpful to have a visual reference to go to.

6. You make the calls

At the end of the day, it’s you and your fiance’s wedding. It can be difficult to give in to peer pressure of family and friends giving their opinions, but it’s all about who will have to make your special day a perfect and memorable one. The fewer wedding day issues that arise, the better!

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