6 Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding Cake

6 Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding Cake

First comes love, then comes the cake. The wedding cake takes center stage at a wedding, especially during a traditional cake-cutting ceremony. Believe it or not, there’s a lot that goes on when it comes to planning a single wedding cake. From flavors to design, it’s important that the perfect wedding cake comes alive on your special day. Here are a few tips from Lucky Little Chapel to help you with the process of getting the wedding cake of your dreams!

6 Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding Cake

1. Start early

It’s important to start thinking about your cake as soon as the wedding planning begins. Start getting referrals and recommendations from bakers in your area that can work with your event timeline. And most importantly, you need to know what kind of cake you want that will fit into your budget. The earlier you think of a visual regarding shape, taste, and a financial plan, it’ll be so much easier in the process.

2. Schedule consultations and tastings

Get a round-up of your top three favorite cake bakers and start scheduling those consultations and taste tests. Go into your consultations with confidence and an idea of what you’d like the perfect cake to look and taste like. How many tiers are you thinking of? Is there specific decor you want on top? What type of flavors do you have in mind? Be sure to have questions ready to ask your baker when taste testing.

3. Consider your wedding style

If you don’t know where to start regarding the look of your cake, look to your wedding theme. From florals to glitter, be sure that the cake compliments your wedding colors and details so everything is visually cohesive. You could also ask your baker for recommendations on what will look best.

4. Size matters

Keep the size of your guest list in mind when thinking of how big or small you need your wedding cake. The last thing you want is not having enough cake for your guests to enjoy with you!

5. Go all out with flavors

Vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet? Boring. Your wedding isn’t your typical birthday cake, so consider experimenting with fun flavors that’ll make your cake stand out. Request an exquisite menu of flavors, frosting, and fillings from your baker that sounds good to you and your finance. You can always mix and match your favorite flavors to give the cake personality.

6. Learn to properly cut your cake

Whether your cake is square, round, or another unique shape, it’s important to learn how to correctly cut your cake. You and your partner will be the first ones to cut your first slice and the rest should be synchronized. Be sure to go over cake-cutting details with your baker or have your cake already pre-cut by your caterer.

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