How to Plan a Wedding on a $2,500 Budget

How to Plan a Wedding on a 2500 Budget

Getting married is an exciting time for a couple to announce their commitment to one another. For one day, you get to celebrate with friends and family and enjoy deliciously served food while you party the night away. Everyone’s ‘dream’ night usually consists of spending thousands of dollars, but a huge budget is not needed for a memorable night. All that matters, in the end, is your significant other and the people you choose to surround yourself with when you dedicate yourselves to each other.

Wedding on a Budget

Still, weddings are very expensive. In fact, the average cost of weddings in the United States is 25,576! How do couples afford to shell out that much money? Some are gifts from friends and family while the rest are loans from the bank! Ouch. Avoid getting into debt after your wedding date. The following is how you can plan a wedding on a $2,500 budget.

wedding budget

Keep a Frugal Budget

Venue – Is your home large enough to fit all your guests? If so, host your wedding there. You can also ask a family member who can handle the added occupancy. This will cost about $400.

Food – Have your wedding around 2-3 pm to avoid mealtimes. Encourage your guests to eat before the wedding, but finger foods and beverages will be provided. This is going to be about $200.

Decorations – Presentation always matters so search bargain stores like Ross, IKEA, Walmart, or Target for lovely decors. This can cost you about $400.

Flowers – Ever heard of handmade flowers from old books? They’re actually super cute! Or you can purchase some wedding flowers from your local grocery store a day before your wedding day and arrange them yourself. This can cost you from $0-$50.

Bridal Dress & Accessories – Borrow your best friend’s wedding dress, or you can certainly rent one from adjustments, shoes, and slip, this can cost about $200.

Groom’s Tux & Accessories – Your groom would probably have parts of a tux already. If so, you can add to what he already has, and this can cost about $150. You can also rent a tuxedo at an establishment like Lucky Little Chapel for about $250.

Groomsmen – Have matching ties that they can keep! At the same time, have all bridesmaids and groomsmen wear black on black to keep everything simple. The ties will be provided, and this will cost about $50.

Entertainment – Ditch the DJ or band and instead ask a friend to bring good, quality speakers. We all know the songs they play at weddings, it’s just the delivery that’s going to be changing.  This is FREE!

Save the dates – $120 to print using sites like Vistaprint or Shutterstock.

Invitations – This is something you can print yourself, and this can cost about $50.

Programs – This is also something that you can make yourself and print which can cost about $20 with a regular printer.

Sparklers – This is one of the best parts about saying, “I Do.” The sparklers can really make a magical evening as you exit the venue! This is about $90.

Photographer – Try snagging a good Groupon deal, or you can ask a friend who is a photographer to do it for you. You can also have your friends and family take a shot at the event. You do not need to hire a professional photographer despite the common knowledge that this is necessary. You can save a lot in this category, and ultimately this can cost from free to $100.

Wedding Favors – Try chocolates in a pretty jewelry bag. This is about $50.

Grand Total: $2,130 and you still have some leftover money to spend!

This budget is good for about 50 guests.

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