Best Ring Bearer Ideas

Best Ring Bearer Ideas

Getting married usually requires the lucky couple to have a ring bearer. This person has an important duty in protecting and delivering the rings on the wedding day. Weddings are now incorporating cute ring bearer ideas to make someone’s special day unforgettable. We’ll be going over the best ring bearer ideas.

What Is A Ring Bearer?

The ring bearer has an important role during the wedding ceremony. Their job is to deliver the wedding rings down the aisle during the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, people have children to be ring bearers. However, more and more weddings are straying away from this tradition.

Couples are now using their dogs or adult friends to take on the role of a ring bearers. Getting married in Las Vegas is special so it’s important to have fun and make your wedding unforgettable. Be sure to talk with your loved one about whether you want to have children, pets, or adults to be the ring bearers. The best option is the one that makes you and your loved one happy during the wedding.

Security Guard Ring Bearer

Having children for ring security guards is one of the best ring bearer ideas. This idea works by dressing up children in suits, sunglasses, and earpieces and giving them a suitcase for the rings. The children act as the ring security guards and deliver the rings down the aisle. Using a sign that reads “Ring Security” colorfully paints this idea for your guests.

This idea can also be used for adults or pets. Remember, the best ring bearer option is the one that makes you and your loved one smile. Not everyone will have children they can use for their wedding so consider all of your options! Rings are one of the most important wedding accessories.

Ring Bearer Ideas For Pets

Pets are truly one of the most loyal friends anyone can have. So, why not include them on your wedding day? There are a lot of great ring bearer ideas that can include your pet. Attach the rings to your dog’s collar and have them walk down the aisle to deliver them. You can use a floral arrangement collar or a pet ring bearer pillow to make this idea a reality. Dressing up your pet in a tuxedo can make for great humor

This idea is meant for pets that are well-disciplined and trained. The pet must be able to walk down the aisle to deliver the rings without getting distracted.

Adults For Ring Bearers

Not everyone will have children or pets to use as ring bearers for their wedding. So, why not have one of your close friends take on the role of a ring bearer? Having an adult ring bearer with an adult flower girl or boy is the perfect combo for laughs. Hanging a sign over the adult ring bearer’s neck that reads “Has anyone seen the rings?” makes for great laughs.

Remember, it’s okay to break away from traditions if certain options are not available for you. Your wedding day should be unforgettable and enjoyable so don’t stress over certain details.

Boxes To Place The Rings

The ring bearer needs to have some sort of case or pillow to deliver the rings. There are a lot of options to choose from to hold the rings. Using a clear suitcase to place the rings is one of the many ways to add beauty to your wedding. Special ring bearer pillows can also be created to tailor to your liking.

Having boxes engraved with “Mr.” or “Mrs.” is an option as well. Be sure to talk with your loved one about the ring bearer pillow, case, or box. Picking the wedding ring is also important so be sure to thoroughly think about your options.

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