Quick Tips for Great Las Vegas Wedding Day Photos

Quick Tips for Great Las Vegas Wedding Day Photos

Getting married in a Las Vegas wedding chapel is fun! Add Elvis serenading you and who needs a reception? The party is already on! It does not diminish the sanctity of the moment and we take every element of your Las Vegas wedding ceremony and treat it with great care. From the exchanging of wedding rings, the choice of flowers, the bridal processional, and many other ceremony options, we want your Las Vegas wedding to be incredible. The way that’s possible is with breathtaking photos that you can look back on for years to come.

Wedding Photography: Quick Tips for Great Las Vegas Wedding Day Photos

Wedding photography is extremely important to us because we know it is important to you. Having great photos to remember your special day with is our top priority. Whether you are naturally photogenic or you appreciate living in an era with the invention of Photoshop, getting great pictures is something everyone can achieve. Here are a few simple tips to help you maximize your experience on your Las Vegas wedding day.

Quick Tips for Great Las Vegas Wedding Day Photos

Make-Up Matters

When you are being photographed or filmed, wearing make-up will enhance anyone’s look. Using techniques like contouring helps to accentuate your natural beauty. Contouring involves using darker and lighter shades of make-up to highlight aspects of your face like your cheekbones. Using a highlight powder can help eliminate dark circles. Even with the eyes, having varying tones can cause the eyes to look perfectly even. Not great with wedding make-up? No problem! We can help you with that and make you feel like a queen on your Las Vegas wedding day. See Contact Information below.

Strike a Pose

How you stand will help enhance your photos too. Posture is very important. Standing up straight, with your shoulders back, gives the impression of confidence, and confidence is beautiful! Be confident on your Las Vegas wedding day!

Your Inner Emotion

Usually, capturing your inner emotion is easy on your Las Vegas wedding day! But, just in case, remember that you are communicating through your eyes and your smile. Are you beyond excited to be marrying your soul mate? Let it shine through! Do you feel like the luckiest person alive? Keep those thoughts in mind during your photoshoot, and you will see it in your photos.


Communication is very important in marriage. But, I’m talking about communicating with your photographer. Do you have a good side? Let them know! Do you prefer a certain pose? Speak up! Great Las Vegas wedding photographers will have great ideas and want input from you, so make sure you communicate what you hope to get from your photos.


In professional photoshoots, models are touched up in almost every photo. You may not be able to do that, but did your hair get a little messy with that first kiss? Did he kiss off some of your lipstick? Make sure you refresh. We have plenty of mirrors around so you can check your look. Our photographers are also trained to notice! Nothing can ruin a great photo quicker than a stray hair out of place.

The Lucky Little Chapel Downtown is a full-service Las Vegas wedding chapel and we offer a great variety of amazing, affordable Las Vegas wedding packages to choose from. For more information, call (702)539-4340, and a member of our team will be happy to help you!

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