Should You Have a Band or DJ at Your Wedding?

Should You Have a Band or DJ at Your Wedding

The music at your wedding serves a number of important roles at your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Although music may sound simple as it seems, it sets the tone at your wedding and provides entertainment for your guests. Hiring a band or a DJ is a common debate wedding couples have to choose for their wedding. As each has its pros and cons, here are a number of things to consider to help you decide which is best for your special day.

What to Consider When Hiring a Band or DJ for Your Wedding

The atmosphere

A DJ and a band can give off two completely different vibes. Are you into an atmosphere with high energy or are you looking for more easy-going music your guests can interact with each other too? Remember, a band can be a focal point of the stage and can have a higher noise volume whereas, DJs are a lot less intrusive. Be sure to do your research, read reviews, plan, and ask for live videos to see who you’ll be working with.

The venue

Think about the type of space you’re having from your ceremony to your reception. When it comes to bands, keep in mind that they have to be set up from point A to point B. Does your wedding venue and wedding timeline have space/time for a band setup? Or does your venue have a smaller space available for entertainment/music? Most wedding packages incorporate these things into them.

Your budget

Generally, Wedding DJs cost a lot less than hiring a band for your wedding. DJs are usually a one-man type of show whereas, bands have several musicians looking to get paid for their talent– but you get what you pay for! In addition, the band leader is usually a master/mistress of the ceremony, so consider that part of the price as well. Remember to get down to the details when it comes to when you’re going to need music. Be sure to also make room for overtime pay if needed.

Music Variety

Would you rather hear songs the way they were recorded or have songs played in a different, live version? You want your guests to enjoy the music on your special day. Even if it’s songs that they are familiar with. DJs can play a mix of non-stop music that you and your guests love. Whereas bands will need to know how to play certain songs at your request.

In conclusion

All in all, this is your day and who said you can’t have both? Some wedding couples will hire a band for their ceremony and cocktail and hire a DJ for the rest of the reception (or visa versa). Just remember to take the time to do your research. Ask for music/event samples to see which will be the perfect fit for your wedding day.

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