Why are wedding DJs so bad?

They’re not professional DJs.

For starters, it’s because they’re not professional DJs. They don’t DJ regularly, they don’t play at clubs or bars and they don’t understand the true essence of being a DJ.

A real DJ has experience playing at weddings because every wedding is different and has a unique vibe. For example, a wedding might have an older crowd that liked to dance to rock ‘n roll, while a different wedding has a younger crowd that liked to dance to hip-hop. A good DJ will know what songs will get the guests up and dancing on the dance floor — regardless of their age — which is something you can only learn from experience (ahem: playing at weddings).

A professional wedding DJ also knows how to read the crowd; he or she can’t just come with one “wedding playlist” for all types of weddings! A good wedding DJ listens to the crowd’s requests but also knows when it’s time for dinner music so guests can eat instead of dancing. And no matter what happens during your big day, your professional wedding DJ will have backup equipment on hand just in case something breaks down.

They don’t know the crowd.

The key is knowing the crowd. If you go to a club, there are certain standards that you can expect. Most clubs play the music that their customers want to hear, and they tend to play it loud. Your wedding isn’t a club and your guests aren’t there to get wasted and not remember the night. You want them to have fun, socialize, and enjoy your celebration of love!

This is why knowing the crowd is so important when picking a wedding DJ. The DJ should know your musical tastes (and those of your partner), but also the musical tastes of your guests who may be attending the wedding without their own significant otter. Keeping this in mind will make for an evening filled with great music that both you and your guests will enjoy!

They’re not prepared.

When it comes to quality, most DJs are not where they ought to be. DJing is an art form that deserves to be taken seriously, but the majority of wedding DJs show up too late and unprepared. They don’t do the prep work necessary for a great reception. If you want a memorable wedding reception you need a DJ who shows up early and is prepared for anything.

Every DJ should have a plan for your reception. There should be a pre-determined order in which activities happen and how long each activity lasts. This is what differentiates one good wedding DJ from another—the creation and execution of this plan require time, skill, effort, and attention to detail (not something every pro possesses). Your bandleader should also scout out the venue ahead of time so they know where everything will go (speakers, dance floor, tables, etc.). The more preparation they do ahead of time, the more smoothly things will run on your special day.

They’re not playing a personalized music set.

The good DJs are playing a personalized music set. You want the DJ to play your personal favorites. The DJ should know you and your preferences and cater the music to what you like.

However, it’s not enough for a DJ to just play your favorite song. Many DJs will take literally every request from guests, which can be dangerous territory if friends or family members have questionable taste in music or worse—are drunk! A good DJ will also read the room and know what songs are going to encourage people to get up on their feet and dance, regardless of whether they’ve heard it before.

The right wedding DJ knows that they’re there for you—not them! They’re not trying to create their own playlist of favorite tunes; they aim to make your wedding day one-of-a-kind by bringing the perfect energy through music that speaks directly to you two as a couple and reflects who you are at this very moment in time.

They play the same songs over and over again.

Ask yourself if this DJ can be seen as a guest. If you’re going to pay someone to be at your wedding, you should want that person there for more than just the money. You want them to engage with your guests, enjoy the party and leave with a smile on their faces.

Good music goes a long way in making something memorable — especially when it comes to weddings — so don’t skimp on the entertainment.

Ask your venue coordinator for DJ recommendations.

If you’re having a sit-down dinner, the DJ will be setting the tone of your reception. You want to make sure that they can read the room and play songs appropriate for everyone.

Ask your venue coordinator (the person you booked with) for recommendations. They know their space better than anyone else—and they’ve seen all kinds of DJs there. They have a good idea of who will work well in their space and who won’t. They’ll also be able to recommend DJs who are attuned to the type of crowd that comes to their venue since they’ve seen it so many times before.

Check out the DJ’s website and social media accounts.

Check out the DJ’s website and social media accounts. If they take care of their online identity, they’ll take care of you.

You’ve probably already searched for your wedding DJ on Google and seen their website, so you know that one exists. Take a deeper dive into their online presence to get a better idea of their professionalism and personality. If the website is good quality and has all the information you need, that’s a good sign they’re serious about what they do. A professional will also have an active Facebook page and Instagram account with relevant content that gives you an idea of who they are as a person as well as what kind of music they play.

Make sure the DJ can meet with you in person for a consultation

The best way to ensure that your DJ knows what you want is to meet with him or her in person several weeks before the big day. It’s important for both of you to get a sense of each other’s personalities so that you can be on the same page about music and preferences. The meeting should be face-to-face, not via Skype or Facetime—it’s easier to connect and feel comfortable with each other when you’re in the same room.

This might seem like an unnecessary step, but it will pay off in the long run. It will provide both of you with good insight into one another’s communication styles, as well as a basis for trust and understanding. Plus, it means that your DJ will have more time to make sure all of your favorite songs are on hand for the big event!

Make sure they have good equipment!

When you’re interviewing DJs, make sure their equipment is up to date and in good working order. In addition to a sound system, they should have an extra mic as well as lighting effects that work well with your style of wedding.

Make sure they actually listen to you! Anytime a DJ makes a suggestion, make sure it’s in line with what you want for your wedding. If it’s not, turn it down right away! Don’t make excuses for them if their suggestions are bad; they need to be all about what you want, not what they think will work best at the moment on your wedding day!

The right DJ knows how to read the crowd and make everyone feel comfortable at your wedding

A good wedding DJ is able to read the crowd and understand what songs will make them feel comfortable having fun. It’s important to find a DJ who can make the flow of songs at your wedding reception feel natural and keeps everyone entertained.

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