6 Wedding Theme Ideas

6 Wedding Theme Ideas

Make your fairytale wedding worth remembering for a lifetime. With so many wedding themes, colors, and ideas for weddings, the possibilities are endless! It’s common if you’re overwhelmed, that’s why we’re here! Here are six different wedding themes we hope you can pull inspiration from!

1. Rustic vibes

Old barnyards, cowboy boots, and baby’s breath are only a few things a rustic wedding may contain. If you and your loved one adore minimalism and all things organic and natural, then you might want to consider this romantic theme. You can go so many different ways with a rustic theme. Feel free to play with warm string lights and candles, wood and floral textures, and even soft pastel color combinations as well. This theme works well year-round and you could even get some amazing photo ops with some beautiful horses.

2. Glitz and glam

Bring on the sparkle and glitter with a glam-themed wedding chapel. Go all out and let your wedding be the spotlight event of the year! There are various ways you can go about this theme regarding formal colors and flowers. Don’t be afraid to experiment with sexy, seductive colors and textures to get the mood for your glam wedding just right.

3. Beach paradise

Make your dream wedding a beach paradise with amazing sunsets, tropical flowers, seashells, and your toes in the sand when you say ‘I do.’ Beach weddings are great for every season and make for amazing memorable photos. Stick with a light, flowy wedding gown for this theme to make it easier for your newly pronounced husband to sweep you off your feet!

4. Vintage love

Whether you’re going retro, modern, or a completely timeless classic, a vintage wedding theme makes for unique decor and ideas that’ll have your guests impressed. There’s no right way to pull off a vintage wedding. Think about lace, dusty colors, and genuine antiques in your invitations, furnishings, pictures, and more. This gives your vintage wedding a soft but vibrant vibe when you and your lifelong lover are dancing the night away.

5. Cultural roots

If you and your fiance share the same culture and religious values, why not embrace it? This makes planning so much fun and easier because your theme and ideas are already set. It’s just up to you to customize it by making it your own! Cultural/religious weddings are absolutely beautiful and make a great start in joining two families as one.

6. Unique interest theme

Break the classic wedding theme rules and make it completely your own. Whatever interests and hobbies you both share, turn it into a dream on your big day. From underwater weddings to Star Wars-themed weddings, the possibilities are endless. You’ll have your guests definitely remember yours!

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