Winter Weddings in Las Vegas

Winter Weddings in Las Vegas

While Las Vegas isn’t what many people imagine when they think of a traditional wedding destination, believe it or not, Vegas has a lot more to offer than most realize. When it comes to traditional weddings, Vegas can go a long way for someone who has had childhood dreams of a magical winter wedding. And depending on the weather, sometimes there’s even real snow!

Winter Love in Las Vegas

If you are planning to get married during the wintertime in Las Vegas, there are a number of different venue options and themes available to you. Choosing the right winter wedding theme is a lot easier once you decide what you want your wedding to be like, and where. Winter weddings in Vegas are quite popular due to the great temperatures, reasonable weather, and lots of entertainment options for your guests.

Here are a few ideas to consider when planning winter weddings in Las Vegas:

Winter Weddings in Las Vegas

The Winter Wonderland Theme

For a more traditional winter theme, your wedding could be a shining example of white. Your dress, snow, and white, in general, is a wedding theme by itself. You can find beautiful wedding decor and sparkly themed flower arrangements around this winter wonderland theme. Imagine snowflakes floating down from above, with white flowers and doves. With white, it’s like starting on a blank canvas and your wedding can be taken in a number of directions, especially when you consider different foods and the wedding cake, too!

A Christmas Wedding

Many people love to celebrate their wedding when the family is already planning on coming together. Christmas is a very popular time of year to celebrate weddings and with good reason! There are ready-made holiday decorations at your disposal, and there is a multitude of sub-themes that fall under this category. Many times, you can save money on decor due to churches and venues already being decorated for the holidays. Traditional Christmas decorations do work well, but putting your unique touch on your special day is where the magic will really shine!

Silver and Gold Wedding

For both around Christmas, as well as New Year’s Eve, this theme is a favorite amongst many brides due to the incredible amount of sparkle and shine. If you want a winter-themed wedding that will listen and show an element of sophisticated class, then this is the theme for you. Gold trim with silver creates a gorgeous backdrop for any wedding, and when paired or even accented with black (think evening weddings and tuxedos) you can celebrate the upcoming new year and a new life together. This holiday theme does not have to be a Christmas or New Year’s statement either. Silver and gold are timeless, just like the love you share with your mate.

In conclusion

No matter what wedding theme you choose for your big day, it is sure to be hit with all of your guests while celebrating the holiday season in Las Vegas! If you would like assistance in planning winter weddings in Las Vegas, contact us at the Lucky Little Chapel and we’ll make your winter wonderland dreams come true!

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