Selecting the Best Live Wedding Music: DJs or a Live Band?

Selecting the Best Live Wedding Music: DJs or a Live Band?

At Lucky Little Chapel, we know that having the perfect wedding can vary so much from couple to couple, but one thing that is always the same is the need for music that gets your guests up and dancing! When it comes to your wedding reception, choosing the best Live wedding music can be the most important element in ensuring that you and your guests have one of the most memorable nights of your life! While all music, whether it’s mixed by a DJ or played by a band will get your guests up and moving, the type of performance that they give will significantly set the mood for the wedding reception.

Having a DJ Spin at Your Wedding

There are quite a few benefits to having a DJ at your wedding as opposed to a live band or string quartet. Mainly that a DJ will be able to play just about every song that you can think of for your wedding reception playlist. A skilled DJ will be able to play the room so that they can get people up and dance with more upbeat music or slow things down for an emotional and romantic slow dance.

With a DJ you’re not limited to any single genre of music and you can jump from slow love songs to your favorite 90s and 2000s throwbacks and everything in between. Additionally, your DJ could double as an MC to help guide the wedding guests through the reception with party announcements and toasts.

Having a Live Performance at Your Wedding

If you would rather have a live band, string quartet, or solo performance at your wedding there are plenty of benefits to that as well! For starters, nothing sounds as good as live instruments. Live bands can perform original songs or they perform covers of your favorite songs.

The benefits of having a live band perform are that you are not limited to cover songs from the 80s but that you can hire a band to perform some of your favorite music subgenres from acoustic songs to upbeat pop-punk love anthems.

Final Thoughts for Setting the Right Mood

When it comes to Live wedding music, there are three aspects that you need to consider. The first aspect to consider is your taste in music (the genres that you enjoy as a couple, the second aspect is determining what kind of atmosphere you wish to create with the entertainment, and the third and final aspect to consider is who will be MCing the reception.

All of these will come together to create the atmosphere of your wedding reception. If you want a softer, more elegant atmosphere you may want to consider a live band, performer, or a string quartet. If you are more interested in partying the night away, then a DJ may be more your speed. Ultimately it all comes down to the kind of wedding reception that you want to have.

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