Planning a Las Vegas Wedding for Two

Planning a Las Vegas Wedding for Two

Planning a wedding in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic can be challenging. With private gatherings being limited to small, intimate groups and the reality that many guests will not travel has made small weddings for two the norm. That’s not all bad though, many couples actually prefer the more intimate wedding ceremony. And that being said, it’s not like there aren’t great ways that you can make sure that your loved ones who aren’t in attendance can’t experience your wedding in some way! So if you’re planning a Las Vegas wedding for two, be sure to consider these tips from your favorite Las Vegas wedding chapel.

Livestream Your Wedding Ceremony

If you’re planning a small wedding for just you two, but you’re worried about your family missing out then you really should look into live-streaming your wedding. Having a Zoom wedding may not seem like the most glamorous idea but it’s a really great way of making sure that the special people in your life who may not be able to travel (or who may be social distancing) can still share the special day with you. It’s an option that many people in your life would really appreciate! It would also be fun to have your guests who are viewing your wedding to dress up as well! Why not, it’s your wedding!

Skip the Wedding Party

Skip the wedding party… in both senses. Firstly, one of the toughest decisions you’ll make when planning your Las Vegas wedding is choosing who will be in your wedding party! Luckily when you’re planning a small wedding for two in Las Vegas you can skip the decision and treat it like you’re eloping. The reality is that your wedding is a very special moment for you – the couple – and it’s okay if you want to have your wedding be just you.

Additionally, when it’s just a wedding for two, you don’t need to worry about spending money on an extravagant wedding reception. You can just enjoy the intimate ceremony for two and have a celebration with friends and family down the road when it’s safer to do so.

Plan Two Events: One Small and One Big

Getting married is a very special occasion and we all want our family and friends to be a part of it. Even in “normal” circumstances, couples sometimes plan 2 or 3 weddings in different locations so that family and friends can attend at least one of them. Now we’re not suggesting that you plan multiple weddings at Lucky Little Chapel (though if you wanted to that we’re more than happy to help) but you could definitely plan a second larger wedding.

Select a Venue That Can Make Your Small Wedding Special

The most important thing to remember about planning a small Las Vegas wedding for two is to find a wedding venue that specializes in handling small wedding packages. Some wedding venues are enormous and great for large weddings, but that can make your wedding ceremony feel and look empty. Look for a wedding chapel or venue that can accommodate small wedding parties and make everything feel as special as possible.

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