Las Vegas Wedding Add-Ons That Just Make Sense

Las Vegas Wedding Add-ons That Just Make Sense

Getting married is such an incredible thing that it really is hard to top, but something about getting married in Las Vegas just has that extra something that makes the whole day feel just that much more magical. Maybe it’s the Strip, the neon lights, or the fact that you’re in such an iconic city. Whatever it is, you can count on a Las Vegas wedding to offer something that you just can’t get anywhere else. Here are a few of our favorite Las Vegas wedding add-ons that just make sense from Lucky Little Chapel!

Limo Tour of the Las Vegas Strip

When you’re in Las Vegas, there’s no way that you can pass up the opportunity to tour the Las Vegas strip in a limousine. Traveling down Las Vegas Boulevard in style, underneath the neon lights of iconic casinos from the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” all the way down to old Fremont Street is a must! Then, pop out and take wedding photos at some of your favorite landmarks!

Downtown Las Vegas / Fremont Photoshoot

Our city is a truly iconic place that many people only dream of visiting, let alone getting married here! If you want to have truly iconic wedding photos then there is no better place to go than to head downtown to Fremont for an incredible photo op under the neon lights of the Fremont Street Experience.

Both Fremont Street and the Strip are within a short drive of Lucky Little Chapel, so traveling to both for a photo shoot is easy to plan! We’ll take you there and bring the photographer!

Livestream the Whole Ceremony

One wedding add-on that just makes sense these days is a fully integrated live stream that allows your family and friends who were not able to attend your Las Vegas wedding to witness the ceremony firsthand from the safety of their homes. While we wish that everyone could be at our wedding, safe social distancing practices have made going online a must so we’re here to help! We offer full live-streaming options for wedding packages.

Custom Bouquets, the Vegas Way

At Lucky Little Chapel, we have an incredible selection of bridal bouquets. We also do custom wedding bouquets to match the theme of your wedding. No matter how out of this world it is!

Gown and Tux Rentals

One of the really cool things about Las Vegas weddings is that they can be pretty spontaneous. If you want them to be. While many weddings in Las Vegas are very traditional in style and theme. There is always the option to go to a Las Vegas wedding chapel and get married. Have a commitment ceremony, or go renew your wedding vows. When these impromptu weddings happen, it’s good to have the option to rent your tux and gown.

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