How To Make The Perfect Guest List For Your Wedding

How to make the perfect guest list for your wedding

Whenever a wedding is planned, you need to consider every possible aspect of the celebration in order to make sure that your special day is as close to perfect as possible. One of the most important aspects of planning your Las Vegas wedding includes making the perfect guest list.

Sometimes you want to invite everyone you know but have to make some concessions to meet your budget. Other times you may prefer a very small and intimate wedding. Whichever way you lean you can be sure that making your guest list is going to be very challenging. Here are a few tips from Lucky Little Chapel that hope to make the decision-making easier for you!

Where to Start Planning Your Guest List

When it comes to planning the guest list, it’s important to speak with your partner about how many people you would both like to invite to your wedding. This might be influenced by how large or small of a family you have, if you choose to invite friends, or even by how much you would like to budget for your wedding. Once you have this crucial conversation and get on the same page about how many guests you would like to have in attendance, you can move on to having the conversation about who you will invite and make up the wedding party.

Children Or No Children?

It’s likely that some of your family and friends may have children! Children are wonderful but sometimes folks may want to politely ask that parents to hire a babysitter for the night! This is important to figure out with your partner because this decision can drastically change the entire mood of your wedding. There are pros and cons to having children attend or stay home either way, but you want to figure this out early on because it may inform how you plan the rest of your wedding reception.

What’s the Venue’s Capacity?

It’s also important to consider the capacity of the venue where you are planning your wedding. Some venues may be designed to be used for intimate weddings and may have a capacity of 25 or 50 guests. Other times, the venues may be outdoors and far more accommodating for wedding guest lists of 100+. It’s important to do your research on how many guests the venues you desire can hold. Fortunately, Lucky Little Chapel has helped serve so many other couples have the most memorable day of their entire lives.

We provide a wide range of wedding packages that make planning the perfect guest list easy! So when you decide to tie the knot. Tell your attention-seeking aunt and that one coworker who’s just a bit too chatty to stay home. And come down to the Lucky Chapel to have a one-of-a-kind Las Vegas wedding experience.

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