Jobs and Duties of the Bridal Party

Jobs and Duties of the Bridal Party

A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride. Consider your bridal party your entourage for the wedding planning and the special day. A single wedding takes a lot of planning and it can be overwhelming when a lot of family and friends want to help pitch in. But, the bridal party was selected for a reason and it comes with responsibilities and duties that’ll help out the bride and groom to make their planning and big day even better. Here is your ultimate cheat sheet from Lucky Little Chapel on each role of the bridal party.

Jobs and Duties of the Bridal Party

Maid of honor

Also known as, matron of honor, the maid of honor is the bride’s right-hand girl in the wedding process and is considered closest in relation to the bride. Though it is a huge honor to be the maid of honor, it comes with a big role. Here is a list of things the maid of honor may be responsible for.

• Bride’s right-hand gal for the duration of the wedding
• Plans and hosts bridal showers and bachelorette party
• Manages bridesmaids and flowers girls on the big day
• Assists the bride throughout the wedding day regarding her dress, make-up, etc
• Holds the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony
• May hold a toast during the reception
• Signs marriage registry as a witness

Jobs and Duties of the Bridal Party


The bride commonly chooses bridesmaids that are the closest friends and family members to her. They are basically her favorite, best friends! Bridesmaids are the support team for the bride and maid of honor and are also a really great honor to be chosen as one. The following is a list of the few duties of the bridesmaids.

• Assist maid of honor in the bridal shower and bachelorette party
• Keep up to date and assist the bride with wedding planning
• Contribute a group gift from all maids
• Help prepare party favors, decor, etc

Best man

Getting the groom to his wedding ceremony on time is one of the key responsibilities of the best man. The best man is typically the groom’s best friend or brother. He is chosen the same way as the maid of honor and holds a special position.

• Plans and hosts bachelor party
• Assists with honeymoon planning
• Coordinates groomsmen before and during the wedding
• Holds rings during the ceremony
• Gives a toast at the reception
• Returns all tuxedos


Consider the groomsmen the groom’s closest buddies for they were chosen for a special reason like the bridesmaids. The groomsmen support both the best man and groom during the process of planning including the big day. Here are the typical duties of the groomsmen.

• Assist best man in bachelor party planning
• Show up early to the ceremony venue and accommodation guest seating
• Help with setting up including decor
• Escort bridesmaids down the aisle
• Help guide guests to the wedding reception

Flower girl

Typically flower girls are between the ages of 3 through 8. They walk down the aisle after the bridesmaids and groomsmen prepare the walkway for the bride and her father. The maid of honor is responsible for helping the flower girls practice what they will be doing.

Ring bearer

Ring bearers, aged 4 through 8, walk down the aisle just before the flower girls. He will typically carry a small decorative pillow with the two wedding bands (usually fakes, in case they get lost).

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