How To Have a Stunning Virtual Wedding This Fall

How To Have a Stunning Virtual Wedding This Fall

For many couples who were planning on getting married this year, the novel COVID-19 virus threw a wrench in many plans that involved more than a handful of guests. This left many undeterred couples and wedding chapels to find creative ways to get married while still adhering to safety guidelines.

One way that many couples are getting married is by having a small, intimate, virtual wedding ceremony. That their guests can tune in from anywhere in the world. From witnessing countless of these virtual weddings. We’ve put together the best tips we could find to help you have a stunning virtual wedding this Fall.

Prepare Your Streaming Setup

A virtual wedding is only possible if your guests are able to watch your wedding ceremony online, clearly, and from anywhere in the world. This is only possible if you make sure that your streaming setup is up to the task! While you could just pop open a laptop and use the built-in camera, and mic, and stream directly, you may want to invest in a high-quality audio/visual setup. If you don’t want to spend money on gear that you will only use once, there are other ways to stream. Many chapels will offer a streaming service that they will set up for you.

Embrace the Traditions That Matter To You Most

When having a non-traditional wedding ceremony like a virtual wedding there are a lot of traditions that can go out the window, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t hang on to your favorite wedding traditions!

If you can’t have some of the staple wedding traditions that you always dreamt of, you can still find ways to make them happen! Some popular virtual wedding traditions that we’ve seen are virtual toasts, roasts, and even virtual bachelor and bachelorette parties!

Take the time to sit down and discuss which wedding traditions you are going to embrace with your virtual wedding.

Invite a Few Witnesses

Just because you’re having a virtual wedding doesn’t mean you can’t [(safely) have a few guests there to witness your wedding. As long as you keep your gatherings under 10 people, you should be in the clear to have a few witnesses in attendance at your virtual wedding.

Just be sure to follow your local state guidelines for making sure that your virtual wedding is safe!

Plan a Vow Renewal Ceremony Down the Road

Finally, it’s important to remember that just because you’re having a small, virtual wedding today. It shouldn’t discourage you from having a larger vow renewal ceremony. Later on when it is safe to have large gatherings and parties!

While self-isolation can feel like it has been going on for months at this point, it won’t last forever. You will be able to have a gathering with all of your family and friends to celebrate your marriage in person before you know it.

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