Personalize Your Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony

Personalize Your Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony

Getting married in Las Vegas is such an iconic thing to do. Popular movies and television shows like The Hangover and What Happens In Vegas portray a comical version of this tradition. While this has created hype around Las Vegas weddings and The Lucky Little Chapel, it can also create some confusion about what a real Las Vegas wedding can or should be!

The truth is that a Las Vegas wedding is just like any other wedding. We just have the added bonus of having a beautiful view of the Las Vegas Strip, world-class restaurants, and entertainers– oh, who are we kidding, getting married in Las Vegas is just better! That being said, adding personal touches to your Las Vegas wedding can really make the whole event more special than you could ever imagine.

So how do you add a personal touch to your wedding?

Write Your Wedding Vows

While there are traditional wedding vows that you can choose to recite at your wedding ceremony. You know the classic, “to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death does us part.” While you can’t go wrong with reciting traditional wedding vows, writing your own can make your wedding feel truly personal. You can write funny, clever, or intimate vows that really highlight who you are as a couple.

Have A Unique Unity Ceremony Idea

While not all weddings incorporate a unity ceremony into the wedding, adding one is a great way to personalize your Las Vegas wedding. You may have seen a unity candle ceremony before or a unity ribbon ceremony before if you are unfamiliar with what they are. There are plenty of creative and unique unity ceremonies that you can incorporate into your wedding. Find one that you love and go with it!

Blend Your Favorites

When it comes time to incorporate music, flowers, or centerpieces for your wedding reception, add some of your favorite songs, books, flowers, or memorabilia. Create a playlist that is unique to your mutual tastes, wrap your favorite flowers in the pages of your favorite books, or geek out and decorate with a pop culture theme that you both love!

Choose An Outfit That Feels Like You

While there may be a lot of pressure (whether you are aware of it or not) to wear a white gown or a traditional tuxedo on your wedding day, there is nothing that says you need to stick to it. If white isn’t your color or you don’t want to buy an extravagant dress that you only wear once, you can choose to wear anything that suits your personality.

At the end of the day, whatever aspects of your personality that you choose to incorporate into your wedding will be just fine. Personalizing your Las Vegas wedding can make your special day truly wonderful and every touch that you bring as a couple will surely be one that you remember for a lifetime. Contact the Lucky Little Chapel today so that we can help make your Las Vegas wedding special.

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