Have you ever thought about having a Las Vegas wedding in the Fall, but you didn’t want to conflict with the Thanksgiving holiday? Late November and early December is a great time of year to get married, especially if you live in Las Vegas, where the temperature during the Fall is incredible. The cool, sunny climate makes outdoor wedding events wonderful in Las Vegas. If you are thinking about having a Thanksgiving wedding, here are some things you should consider.

The Upsides of Having a Thanksgiving Wedding

Now, while you don’t need to plan your fall wedding for the third Thursday in November, there are quite a few reasons why having a Thanksgiving wedding could be a great choice for couples!

Built-in Theme

Thanksgiving weddings come with a built-in theme; Autumn! Thanksgiving tends to revolve around the autumn months, including orange, red, and brown colors, pumpkins (and pumpkin spice), and warm and cozy vibes. All things that you can incorporate into your November wedding. You can align your wedding theme and decorations such as flowers with the autumn months to create a wedding atmosphere that feels rustic, cozy, and inviting.

Almost Everyone Has Time Off

One of the benefits of having your wedding around Thanksgiving is that many people you would like to come to your wedding will have time off school and work. The biggest reason people miss weddings is that they can’t take the extra time off from work or school. But during the week of Thanksgiving, it’s common for offices and schools to close for the latter half of the week. By planning your wedding to line up with this time off, more of your wedding can be a full family affair with all of your loved ones there with you.

You Can Share It With the Whole Family

Because Thanksgiving is a holiday where the whole family gets together from far and wide, you can count on your family and friends to take that time off and plan on getting together anyways. Making your wedding coincide with the Thanksgiving break can make it easier for your family and friends to join together to celebrate your wedding day.

What to Keep in Mind About Your Thanksgiving Wedding

Planning a wedding around Thanksgiving can be great, but you will need to keep a few things in mind. You are planning a wedding around a holiday after all.

You’ll Need to Plan Very Carefully.

Planning a wedding requires a lot of careful planning. Planning a wedding around a holiday weekend requires even more planning! When you are scheduling a wedding ceremony and reception, you need to be sure that you lock in your dates early, make sure that you put your catering orders in with plenty of time, and expect that there will be plenty of chaos surrounding Thanksgiving and the Black Friday shopping. Remember to lock in dates and venues with plenty of time in advance so that you do not end up unable to have the wedding of your dreams because of scheduling conflicts.

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