Fall Wedding Ideas in Las Vegas

Fall Wedding Ideas in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a beautiful city all year round, but there is something really special about having your Las Vegas wedding in the Fall. At Lucky Little Chapel, we love finding new and creative ways for couples to celebrate their love and the cool autumn months are the perfect opportunity for that. If you’re a Las Vegas local or simply coming into town for your Las Vegas wedding, then you will want to consider these wonderful Fall wedding ideas that can make the whole ceremony that much more memorable.

Fall Evenings in Las Vegas Are Beautiful

If you’re familiar with the Las Vegas heat, then you know that most of the time having an outdoor wedding is not a great option. That changes for a short window of time as the weather begins to cool and the evenings make for an incredible time to host a wedding reception. Don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities of hosting your wedding reception outdoors in the Fall. You will find that Las Vegas is incredibly pleasant from October through the end of November.

Visit the Beautiful Sights of Red Rock in the Fall

Las Vegas is a surprisingly scenic city. While the bright lights and flashy resorts of the Strip tend to get most of the attention, Las Vegas is surrounded by incredible stretches of nature. Red Rock Canyon to the west looks incredible this time of year. The cool desert setting can also be an incredible backdrop for your photos whether they are your wedding announcement photos or the photos for your wedding party.

Keep the Autumn Season In Mind

The Fall is a great time to plan a Las Vegas wedding because there is no shortage of excitement in the air. With plenty of seasonal holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, you can find plenty of seasonal foods, foliage, and themes. The Fall aesthetic is a cozy one that allows you and your guests to dress with more layers and enjoy seasonal ingredients like pumpkin spice. You can either lean into this and have an autumn-themed wedding or you can choose to avoid it altogether. Either way, you want to be sure that you are aware of the holidays so that you can plan around them.

Find Affordable Wedding Rates

Fall weddings are beautiful, but they are also far less common than Spring or Summer weddings. Because of this, you can usually find better deals for prime wedding dates like Saturdays. It’s worth asking your wedding chapel if they have any special rates that you can apply to your wedding. You never know you might get lucky!

Book Your Wedding With Lucky Little Chapel

A Fall wedding can be an incredible occasion. Let Lucky Little Chapel help make your wedding planning easy. With a wide array of wedding services from custom bouquets to luxury wedding options, we have you covered. Contact us anytime to schedule a call with one of our wedding coordinators.

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