Fall Wedding Dos and Don’ts

Fall Wedding Dos and Donts

Having a fall wedding can be an incredible experience for you and all of your guests. Fall is a beautiful time of the year when the leaves are changing colors and the cool autumn air makes for perfect conditions for a celebration! While there are a lot of positives to planning a fall wedding, there are a few fall wedding Dos and Don’ts that you need to navigate in order to have a successful wedding ceremony and reception. Your wedding planner will always be there to help you plan your fall Las Vegas wedding, but it’s important to keep a few things in mind so that you can avoid common hiccups.

Do Plan Around Holidays and Big Sporting Events

Autumn is a beautiful time of year to have a wedding, but there are so many holidays and events that span from late September to mid-December that it can cause a lot of scheduling problems if you are not careful. When planning your fall wedding, you want to be sure that you keep two things in mind.
First, scheduling conflicts. Between Thanksgiving and the various religious celebrations throughout December, there can be a lot of conflicting travel plans, booked venues, and crowded wedding destinations.
Additionally, you need to factor in the cost of having a wedding around “peak” travel and event dates. This is especially true if you are flying into Las Vegas for your wedding. The cost of airfare, hotel rooms, and venue rentals may be higher than at other times of the year. It is best to make your travel plans

Don’t Miss the Opportunity To Use Fall Colors in Your Theme

When you’re planning a fall wedding, there are so many opportunities for you to incorporate fall into your theme. Whether it’s in the colors – browns, oranges, and reds or in the location for rustic autumn feel – the fall can be a great time to have a wedding. Be sure to not miss this opportunity to have a built-in wedding theme.

Don’t Forget Plan B for Inclement Weather

While fall weather can be beautiful – not too cold, with plenty of colorful leaves, and maybe even a couple of nice clouds, the weather can shift quickly. This could quickly ruin your wedding ceremony or reception if any part of it is planned to be outside where rain and winds can force the party indoors. Be sure to have a backup plan for if and when the weather turns and you need to move the celebrations indoors.

Do Warm Guests up With Seasonal Drinks and a Cozy Atmosphere

Last on our list of fall wedding Dos and Don’ts, but certainly not least are the cozy autumn vibes. The cool weather, the beautiful foliage, the smell of spice in the air. It just makes you want to cozy up with warm drinks and seasonal foods. Be sure to incorporate your favorite seasonal drinks and cocktails like pumpkin spice and ciders.

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