Anti-Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles or Couples

Anti-Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles or Couples

Yes, anti-Valentine’s Day is actually a thing. Being unwillingly single at this time of year is one story, but even if you’re in a happy, committed relationship, Valentine’s Day can still turn into a nightmare. Not everyone wants to do the standard Valentine’s Day wine-and-dine or flowers and chocolates. So whether you’re looking for a date night idea, or just want to enjoy time with your friends, Lucky Little Chapel put together a short list of anti-Valentine’s Day ideas for singles or couples.

7 Anti-Valentine’s Day Ideas

Don’t Sweat It By Staying Active:

1. Take a Workout Class

Instead of being one of those couples pigging out on chocolate and expensive dinners, or succumbing to a tub of ice cream by yourself on the couch, you can do something active to keep yourself fit and motivated by signing up for an activity or fitness class.

2. Play Laser Tag

Get in touch with your youth by going out for a round of laser tag. What’s more fun than friendly competition, neon lights, and a dark obstacle course? Plus, this can be done with multiple friends or a one-on-one date.

Have Fun By Going Non-Traditional:

3. Throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

Show your friends the love by hosting an anti-Valentine’s Day-themed party, which is basically a regular party that just happens to fall on February 14th. You can serve regular party food, drinks, and normal party music. No big deal.

Get Creative And Do Your Own Thing:

4. Do It Yourself (Because You Don’t Need Anyone) Project

Show your independence by taking on a project you’ve been putting off. Nothing makes a person feel more accomplished than by doing it on your own. Have a honey to help you? Get your significant other to help you take on a new home project.

5. Have a Movie Marathon

Pull up some of your favorite action, comedy, or even horror movies (no sappy love stories or dramas) and veg out on the couch for an anti-Valentine’s Day film-fest. Remember, no tissues. Unless you’re crying from laughing so hard.

Rest And Relax With A Little Self-Love:

6. Happy Hour at Home

Spend the evening testing your hand at mixology. Round up your sweetie and/or a few friends, grab your favorite alcoholic beverages and mixers, and then experiment with new concoctions.

7. Sleep On It

Need to catch up on some much-needed sleep? Use Valentine’s Day to take a nap… because you deserve it! Avoid people altogether and practice some self-love, or snuggle up with your sweetheart and have some quiet downtime.

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