6 Things You Need Before Getting Married

6 Things You Need Before Getting Married

Getting married in Las Vegas is a lot of fun since this city has so much to offer! When planning your wedding it’s important to keep a few things in mind. For one, remember that your wedding day should be one of the best days of your life. To better help, we’ll be going over the 6 things you need before getting married.

1. Get The Proper Paperwork

Getting married requires some proper paperwork before actually getting hitched. First, you’ll need to check your eligibility requirements before getting married. In Las Vegas, marriage applicants must be 18 or older. Marriage applicants must also create an appointment with the city clerk at the marriage bureau. A marriage license allows any couple to get married immediately in Las Vegas and within the state. These licenses are good up to one year after it’s issued. Couples do not have to wait a certain amount of days when they get a marriage license. Be sure to fill out any marriage license applications with your full legal name that’s on your state ID. Abbreviating any middle name is not accepted.

2. Create Your Budget

The second thing of the 6 things you need before getting married is to create your budget. There are ways to plan a wedding on a budget to cut costs. However, first understanding your budget is key for a successful wedding. Your wedding day should not leave you financially unstable. What will determine your budget is the number of people attending the wedding, food catering, wedding invitation cards, and wedding chapels & receptions. Not everyone’s wedding budget will be the same so it’s important to have this type of conversation with your significant other.

3. Have A Guest List

When planning your wedding then understand the number of people you want to invite. Do you want everyone to be at the wedding or do you want to limit the number of people? Remember, the higher the guest count the more the wedding becomes more costly. Be sure to have an honest conversation about the guest list count with your significant other. If you are not inviting everyone to the wedding then be sure to let everyone know. Not notifying any family or friends that they are not invited will make them angry. So, maybe consider talking with them to settle any differences.

4. Pick A Wedding Chapel & Reception

The next item you’ll need before getting married is to pick a wedding chapel and reception hall. The size of the wedding chapel and reception hall will be determined by the guest list. Remember, the higher the guest list, the more you’ll need to find a bigger wedding chapel and reception hall. Be sure to confirm with guests to see who will be able to make the wedding and reception. The best way to do this is to tell your guests to RSVP through an online system. This can be done with some online research or with the help of a wedding planner.

5. Get A Marriage Certificate

After you’re married then be sure to get a copy of the marriage certificate. You will need this certificate for future documents when filing taxes and updating your personal information. Not identifying that you are married in legal documents can get you in legal trouble. Remember, when filling out the marriage license application be sure to use your legal name as it appears on your ID. Be sure to include your full middle and not an abbreviated middle name. Any abbreviations are not acceptable.

6. Find A Wedding Cater

The last thing you’ll need is to find a wedding caterer. Again, the cost per plate will be determined by the guest list. The higher amount of guests means the cost will go up as well. This will deeply affect the overall budget for the wedding. Be sure to talk to your significant other about the total number of guests. If you’re having a smaller wedding then consider a dinner at a restaurant instead of something extravagant.

Overall, keep all of these 6 things you need before getting married. It will provide fewer headaches when planning your wedding!

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