Why Eloping to Las Vegas Might Be Right for You

Why Eloping to Las Vegas Might Be Right for You

Have you been thinking about eloping to Las Vegas instead of having a large, traditional wedding? You’re not alone! Many couples these days report either having eloped or wishing they had eloped in order to save money, have more peace of mind, and be able to have a better honeymoon! It’s no surprise that there are benefits to having a smaller wedding in Las Vegas, but how do you know if eloping to Las Vegas might be right for you?

Small Ceremonies Are COVID-Safe

While we are almost halfway through 2021 and many people are being vaccinated, still so many people are choosing to have smaller events that are COVID safe as to not risk getting sick or spreading illness. Because of this, many couples are opting to elope and go through with their wedding ceremonies now rather than delaying the ceremony. It’s easy to have an intimate wedding ceremony now and a larger event down the road when COVID is not an issue.

Large Weddings Can Feel Like a Waste of Money to Some

Some couples that we’ve talked to also cite money as a reason to elope rather than having a large, traditional wedding ceremony. For many couples who are just starting out, money and finances are a big deal. This poses a tough decision, “do we have a big wedding or do we save up for a house?” There’s even a TV show with this very premise! With a mini or micro wedding that serves up to 25 guests, you can have your [wedding] cake and eat it too! Mini weddings are affordable and are still just as romantic as any other wedding.

Elopements Are More Intimate When Only a Few Close Family and Friends Are Present

Have you ever sat there drawing up your dream wedding guest list only to realize that the list would be way too long and include too many people that you’re barely acquainted with? It’s more common than you think, With a small wedding or elopement, you can be sure that only the most important people in your life are there. This will make the event more intimate and more special because everyone in attendance has a special connection to the bride and groom. This also means that your wedding can be held at a more intimate venue that might not be able to accommodate 175+ people.

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