What is a Wedding Chapel?

What Is A Wedding Chapel

Anyone who has thought about getting married in the past has thought about where they would want to get married, whether they wanted a destination wedding or they wanted a small quaint gathering with a few family and friends. A wedding chapel is a unique way to get married with little to no fuss. Let’s look and see what is a wedding chapel. You never know maybe it’s the right choice for you!

Quick and Easy

A Las Vegas Wedding Chapel does not have a waiting period to get married like if you were to go searching for a venue. There isn’t a year-long list that will keep you waiting for your special day. Most people would prefer to not get married in a legal court. It’s not decorated, it’s not comfortable, and most importantly you don’t want your wedding memories to be walking out of a courthouse.

A wedding chapel is a small venue that will allow you and your significant other to be legally married. The best part is that it can happen whenever your heart desires, there are usually no appointments at wedding chapels, and most of the time walk-ins are more than welcome.

Details, Details & Details

Most wedding chapels will have a traditional basic theme of white and some greenery. Now, if you go to a wedding chapel you can forget about the nitty-gritty details and just focus on your other half. Details are important, so it’s the little things that you remember on your wedding day but those details don’t necessarily come from specifically the venue you get married at.

A wedding chapel takes care of the material details and you get to focus on the day in general, knowing you are making the choice to spend the rest of your life with your favorite person.

You Are Not Alone

Most wedding chapels if not all wedding chapels have a seating area to allow the people you want to be there and witness you make the ultimate promise to each other. Most people are surprised at how many guests you can have at a wedding chapel.

No one is cramped but you also don’t have to rent out a large hall that will be maybe half full. A wedding chapel is also much more intimate for some. To have everyone close to you, everyone can hear you, no microphones are needed!

Not Religious? No Worries!

Unlike getting married in a church you do not have to be remotely religious to have a wedding chapel ceremony. The wedding chapel is the less legally intense way to get married and not have religion involved in your day. A no-judgment, legal space to promise to love and care for your partner. Let it just be the two of you and the promises you want to make to each other.

The Future

Have your dream wedding down the road. Some may get married in a wedding chapel and save up a few years to have a larger ceremony at a later time but chose to be legally married in a timely fashion. A wedding chapel is perfect for the people who want and need to get married for legal reasons but a $5,000 wedding is not possible at the time.

Honeymoon Time

A wedding chapel can make for the perfect venue to get married if you want to spend the bulk of your money on having a spectacular honeymoon. Always remember the wedding is a day. The wedding is not your marriage. The wedding chapel allows you to have a nice place to get married with family and friends and not pay an arm and a leg on a couple of hours event that you probably will only remember half of.

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