Tips for Newly Engaged Couples

Tips for Newly Engaged Couples

Being newly engaged can be an exciting period of time for couples. The possibilities are endless when it comes to planning your Las Vegas wedding and even making life plans that go far beyond your special wedding day. But like all things, new experiences also mean that there are new expectations on the horizon and it’s important to be prepared for this new chapter of your. Join us at Lucky Little Chapel as we explore these tips for newly engaged couples to maintain a happy and healthy relationship for many years to come.

Have the Big Conversations Early

When it comes to being newly engaged, you want to be sure that you get all of the big conversations out of the way early. If you have expectations, deal breakers, must-haves, or anything else that would be a very important conversation, you want to be sure that you are both on the same page as early as possible. There’s nothing worse than making it to your wedding day and feeling like there are irreconcilable differences within your relationship.

Decide on the Ideal Wedding Date and How Long of an Engagement You Want

Are you into the idea of having a long engagement? This is a matter of preference for sure, but some couples like to engaged for a while before the wedding, whereas others may be into the idea of a quick elopement. Combining up with the right timeline is important for a lot of reasons including giving yourselves time to save up and get all of the arrangements in order.

Discuss Your Budget for the Wedding

Weddings can be expensive affairs, but not always. It all comes down to how much you would like to budget for your wedding ceremony and reception. Some couples prefer to be frugal and have small, intimate wedding ceremonies while other like to go all out and have an all-inclusive wedding that pulls out all of the bells and whistles. Speak with your partner about how much they would like to budget for the wedding expenses and come up with a number that you can both live with. Compromise is an important part of any marriage so it’s best to start practicing now!

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