Cool Things To Do For Your Las Vegas Wedding

Cool Things to do for your Las Vegas wedding

Las Vegas is one of the most popular cities to get married in, and there’s no surprise why! When you think of Las Vegas weddings you think of a night out in the city, being treated like a high roller, and the energy that you feel when you and your wedding party hit the Las Vegas Strip. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to spend their special day with the people they love most in one of the most hospitable cities in the world? At the Lucky Little Chapel, we see the allure of a Las Vegas wedding, so we’ve put together a list of cool things to do for your Las Vegas Wedding!

Have a Destination Wedding

One of the coolest things that you could do for your wedding is to have a destination wedding. When you have a destination wedding, the dynamic of your wedding changes just a bit. First, your wedding party and guest list tend to be a little smaller than normal. That’s because not everyone that would otherwise attend your wedding will travel for it. They either have other obligations or they are on the outskirts of your friend group. A Las Vegas wedding is the perfect opportunity to travel with only your closest friends and family and give everyone VIP treatment.

Not only will your budget go further with a more exclusive guest list, but you will also be with the right people in the perfect vacation spot. With a Las Vegas destination wedding, you will be able to have a wedding brunch in the hottest restaurants and incredible bachelor/bachelorette parties, and you can go the whole nine yards and treat everyone like a celebrity at your wedding.

Get Married at an Iconic Chapel

There are a ton of reasons that you should have your wedding in a chapel. First, Las Vegas wedding chapels are iconic! Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 30 years, you’ve seen at least a dozen movies about Las Vegas wedding chapels. Everyone talks about getting married while they’re in Vegas for the weekend and it makes for an amazing story to tell later!

On a more serious note, wedding chapels offer you all of the touches that you would expect at a wedding for a fraction of the cost. Wedding chapels have a venue (the Lucky Little Chapel has three chapels that you could choose from), photographers, limo services, tuxedo, and wedding dress rentals, and just about every add-on that you could imagine in one place.

With the money that you save, you can have an even more extravagant honeymoon.

Tour the Strip With a Limo Service

If you’re getting married in Las Vegas, you absolutely need to do it in style. At the Lucky Little Chapel, you can tour the Las Vegas Strip from the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign to the fountains at the Bellagio. You can bring a photographer and take some memorable wedding photos at those landmarks while you’re at it!

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