6 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

6 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now what?! It’s time to buckle down for the long journey down the aisle and get ready for the madness of wedding planning. Although there seems like so much to do, it helps a lot to get a breakdown of what engaged couples need to do immediately. Here are Lucky Little Chapel’s six important things to consider after saying yes to the ring.

What to Do Right After Getting Engaged

1. Enjoy the moment!

Instead of jumping straight into planning, savor the moment! You’ve been waiting for this moment you’re whole life, so take time together and let everything sink in! Don’t worry about the wedding just yet, there will be lots of wedding program planning coming, so take a deep breath and enjoy the time with your new fiance!

2. Spread the news

Go ahead and spread the news to the ones that mean the most to you both– parents, siblings, best friends, etc! Then share it on social media with the rest of the world. You can even plan an engagement photoshoot and share the announcement that way.

6 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

3. Set a date (or pick a season)

Before you both get into the craziness of wedding planning details, get an idea of when you both want to tie the knot. Together, pick the season to aim for. Do you want to elope in the fall or winter? Or do you want to say ‘I do’ in the summer or spring? This will definitely help you for the next step!

4. Make a timeline

Once you’ve set the magical wedding date, start a timeline. Planning is absolutely key to every wedding and definitely keeps you organized and on top of things. Plan key things monthly and set goals as to what priorities you both need to get done for your special day.

5. Lock in a budget

Commit to a budget you both would like to stay in. A wedding budget will help you distribute where you want to spend the most money (e.g. venue, reception, etc.) Understand your wedding costs so you don’t spend way over what you both were planning on spending.

6. Research and get inspired

Start an inspiration board and get pinning! Think about the theme and season of your wedding and the associated colors. Do you stay where you are, travel to a different city, state, or even country? You can also start researching venues for your wedding ceremony and reception, so you can get a better vision of what it needs regarding decor, seating and guests, invitations, entertainment, etc.

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