Sit Down Dinner Vs Buffet Style Which is For You

Sit Down Dinner Vs Buffet Style Which is For You

There are many decisions to make when you are planning your wedding, from the choice of venue to the type of flowers you want. But one of the biggest decisions you have to make is choosing to have a sit-down dinner or a buffet. Everyone has a personal preference on what they actually like when it comes to serving dinner at a wedding, however, there are many factors to consider when coming to an ultimate decision on what choice is right for you.

Lucky Little Chapel has laid out the differences between a plated dinner and a Buffet.

The Sit-Down Dinner

A sit-down dinner has always been considered the more formal approach to serving dinner at a wedding. The appeal of the sit-down dinner comes from wedding guests being served by trained wedding servers instead of having to get up and stand in line waiting for food. Wedding guests are given a selection of courses from a pre-set dinner menu to choose from for their entree.

Sit-down dinners can be more expensive considering the courses have to be served by trained servers, vs. a self-serve buffet. If you have elderly guests or any guests who are pregnant a sit-down dinner can be a great option for them so they don’t have to get up and stand in line.

The Buffet

The Buffet style dinner has become a popular choice over the years because it provides wedding guests with a more wide range of dinner options. If you choose the buffet option, you will pick several dining options for your guests to choose from. Many wedding guests like having different choices they can choose from for their dinner courses. Some weddings also can feature a dessert buffet that can have an assortment of delicious tasty treats for your wedding guests to choose from.

The Conclusion

Take the time to think about the theme of your wedding and which style of dinner would go better with the type of wedding you are planning. Also, you will want to consider your wedding guests when making the decision between a sit-down dinner or a buffet. With either a sit-down dinner or buffet, there are a variety of food options to choose from, each ranging in different prices.

Even though a sit-down dinner is usually more expensive than a buffet, it can vary depending on the selection of food you decide upon. Some wedding venues offer dinner tastings on the different food they can offer your guests. This is a great way to help you choose which option is best for you when planning your wedding reception.

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